Perfect Game Showcase

Has anyone ever been to a Perfect Game Showcase? How was it?
I’m going to one in August. I’m really looking forward to the experiance.

I’ve not been to one of their showcases but I’ve been to many of their tourney’s…they are great for the tourneys and the “real deal”…outstanding competition and from my experience scouts pay attention to them. If the showcases are anything even close they are worth it. Neat custom and small company baseball vendors show up so really cool equipment is close at hand…guard the wallet!!! :shock:

My son attended the Northeast Regional in Massachusetts. He was contacted by numerous schools for a follow up. You should be able to see where you stand in the pecking order for college competition with just one showcase if it is one of the larger ones. As a pitcher he’ll get six outs to show his stuff. They don’t inflate your stats to make you feel good. You are what you are. That’s why I think they get alot of credibility amongst the college coaching and area scouts.

Ditto on the “guard the wallet” advice. The internet video deal is quite expensive and in my mind unnecessary unless you print 50 dollar bills in the basement. :twisted: