Perfect Form?

I do believe this is what we’re all trying to do. He plays for Highland park in Dallas. Last game he faced 15 batter, struck them all out, and runned them in 3 innings.

Just from that one picture I can already tell you he does not have “perfect form.” It looks like he has taken Dontrell Willis’ form, and while it is an interesting motion, that definitely is not perfect.

To me perfect from means success without injury and even though Dantrell has what most pitching instructors would consider a nightmareish wind-up he hasn’t done arm oriented DL time…for that matter neither has Nomo…but I wouldn’t teach that to my kid mind you…
The kid has a baseball sounding name.
So he’s what Texicans call the real deal huh? We will look to see if he gets out of HS and into D-1 or better.

Im sorry but yall dont know what your talking about. Hes predicted to go 6th (Tigers) in the draft. His name is Clayton Kershaw.

His spot in the draft has nothing to do with having “perfect form.”

You started the thread by saying “I do believe this is what we’re all trying to do…” That guy’s success is more a result of being very well built physically (6’4") than having perfect mechanics.

Kershaw’s mechanics are not good. He was blessed with great physical ability and outstanding stuff, not to mention he was born a southpaw.

If you want perfect form, check out Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine. Then compare Glavine (lefty) to Kershaw. You’ll see my point.

Ala Mark Prior, because of how he takes his elbows above and behind his shoulders, I think that Dontrelle may eventually have problems with the muscles in the front of his rotator cuff.

Just because a guy is successful in high school doesn’t mean that he has perfect form or that he will hold up as he gets older.

Too often mechanics that lead to success as the high school level cause damage that catches up with a player before they make it to the pros.

This has happened again, and again, and again…

I agree.

Or compare him to Steve Carlton, another long-career lefty.

SchillingBeckett, you are right we only pretend to know what we are talking about…most times. But no I wouldn’t teach my kid that motion, yes Chris, I buy that Willis will be rolling that arm around in a wheel chair before too long…just like I expect Nomo to end up in traction with that over the head wierdness he goes through. Remember I said success without injury, Dantrell has a few years to go before I consider him a major league success.
And he does have a baseball sounding name…I mean come on “Clayton Kershaw”? Country star or pitcher of death with a name like that…Sorta “Huston Street” like, if you ask me…“Josh Beckett”…you ain’t a painter if you got a name like that.
And you are the one who said he was all that and a can of peas, I just said we’ll keep an eye out for him in the future.
I hope he makes a good living.
I wouldn’t mess wit Texas.

There is no way to know if he has perfect form, from one picture. All I get from this picture, is he has a high leg kick. From this “balance” position, alot can go wrong. I see a few definate things in this picture that can throw him off line. People say Mark Prior has “perfect form”, so why is he hurt. I feel Prior overuses the “towel drill”. So, if a high leg kick is “perfect form” then everybody could easily have perfect form. Post more pictures.

Perfect form? Forget it. Prior with perfect form? Forget that too. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, if Prior’s the poster boy for pitching perfection, what about Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Sandy Koufax, etc., etc. It’s too bad they’re all so “imperfect”.

How can anything in this activity be combined in the same sentence with the word “perfect”? It doesn’t matter how smooth, fluid, aggressive or explosive a pitcher may be, or how wonderful you might think his mechanics are, this is an extremely stressful act for the shoulder, elbow and other areas. Very high risk!! Nothing perfect in this stuff guys.

Mike Marshall’s trying to fix all of the imperfections in this activity but he hasn’t been able to convince anyone yet, including me. (Sorry Coach45 :slight_smile: I couldn’t resist.)

As for drawing conclusions about a complex motor skill from one still image, don’t waste your time. I’ve seen times on this very board where conclusions have been drawn by interpolation between 2 stills that, when put together in video with the missing frames in between, the conclusions drawn were shown to be inaccurate. Not enough data guys.

Hey-first you asked for opinions on one picture. All these comments are correct. As far as his draft status; he may go sixth round. But in my experience if a player is told he is going in the sixth round, they usually go around the 15th. One picture tells nothing much about a players form. And perfect form is very rare. Only a few guys in the MLB have “great form”. And those with sound mechanics, are the pitchers still pitching over the age of 35. Is it possible to throw 98mph with bad mechanics, Yes; but these type of guys do not last long due to injury. I hope your friend does have “perfect form”, and I hope he makes it to the MLB. But, don’t say these guys don’t know what they are talking about. You may want listen a little more.

Ok Good Form? heres a video.

Click on the video by Clayton Kershaw.

looks pretty good on the video… that still pic was misleading because in the video I don’t see anything terrible Dontrelle-like … the one thing that looked a little bit off on clayton’s mechanics was a short stride and his motion seemed little rushed, but of course I’m only looking to pick at him … Oh man, he was lighting up that radar gun… makes me jealous.

If you look at the video of that guy Nathan Karns, you’ll see that mechanics don’t solely create velocity … there’s a definite X-factor, genetics, that plays into this… Karns – tell me if you agree – he lands too far on the first base side with his lead foot … now I bet if we got 15 guys who were the same relative build as Karns and they had better mechanics, they would not be hitting 90+ on the radar gun.

Oh man, I just watched KArns again… in the last side shot of him he totally is not keeping his weight back, he’s rushing, I think it’s a good example of what not to do… his throwing hand is almost at his ear when his lead foot hits the ground.

I just watched Karns yet again! … that last shot is such a text book rush job… and I bet the ball is still coming in 90+

Nice form. Perfect? Sorry. Perfect in who’s eyes? I see 2 pauses in his delivery that he could eliminate to improve. His high knee lift is useless in helping to generate velocity. It comes down, pauses, then he moves into the stride. Any energy built up with the knee lift is dissipated here and he must start all over again generating momentum. He could lead more with his hip and get rid of that pause as well as the pause at the bottom of his windup with his throwing hand.

All that being said, he’s got very nice form. Nobody’s perfect but it’s hard to argue with the radar gun. One thought is that using a little more momentum from eliminating the pauses will allow him to reach those velocities with less stress on his shoulder and elbow.

that’s good analysis dm59 about losing the momentum of the leg lift… I noticed the overall choppiness too but couldn’t put my finger on it.