Percy and The No Names!

Is history gonna repeat itself? Back one the Angels won the WS over San Fran, the Angels had a dominate bull-pen led by closer Troy Percival. The rest of the bull-pen had no-names,no-bodies,over-the-hill guys. Well Percy and the No Names won the WS that year, but now that Percival is on the Rays as their closer surrounded by a bunch of no-names,no-bodies,and over-the-hill guys, will history repeat itself and the Rays win the WS? Only time will tell. One of the “no-bodies” on that faithful Angels team is now know as the mystical K-Rod, who has racked up 48 saves and is on his way to get 67 saves shattering the record of Bobby Thigpen’s 57 saves. So maybe Percival knows how to change young pitcher into “somebodies”. Who will be the next K-Rod on the Rays? Will it be JP Howell or Dan Wheeler, maybe even Gary Balfour? Nobody knows (I’m leaning toward Howell) but what we all know is Percy turned the No Names into the Big Names.

except theres the Cubs…they are going to ruin the day for the Rays…thats all I got to say…have a good day…I’m gonna go play…your gonna have to stay. Hey Hey…The Cubs are on their wayyyyyyyyyy…

Krod had a name a long time before this year. Rays are doin pretty good though. watchout though giants are gettin kinda hot :lol:

Hey JD remember who swept who? :lol:

A mear technacallity…they needed a spring break vacation…they were getting them over confident…the sun got in their eye’s…Lou felt sorry for leaving…they all came down with the heartbreak of psoriesis…They got faked out by the name change…

JD at this point the Cubs are just thinking “Lets wait another 100 years, to add more suspense to it!!” :lol:

Also just to let you know I’m hanging out with Steve Bartman and Billy Sianis
and his pet goat who might I add is very hungry for some “Wrigley Field grass”

how is a rays fan going to bring up the past? before this year they were happy when they finished 4th in the al east. now that they are finally good you pretend like they are some great franchise. they should finally be good they have gotten the 1st pick just about every year.

come the fuck down :lol: I was playing with the man. Its called a joke, as in one of those things your supposed to laugh at. Everyone knows that the Cubs are a great franchise and are my pick to win the WS if the Rays don’t make it that far. They have there bad luck so does every other team like the Red Sux not winning a WS for what 80 something years and they had loyal fans (just like Cubs and Rays) who stuck with them through there ups and downs. I know the Rays aren’t a great franchise yet, just because of one season but they’re making strides to becoming a contender for years to come. JD in cause you didn’t like what I said (even though its a joke and I think you can take it) I’m sorry if I offended you in any way. My apologies but I hear Steve Bartman is now a Marlins fan :lol:

I was offended when they lost it on the last day of the season in 69, I was offended when Beckett threw at Sammys head and changed the whole series…I was offended whan Dusty Baker used up good players because of bad managing…when they let Maddux get away, the Lou Brock trade, buying into a crippled Nomar but letting the MVP go to the B birds…who is now on the Stros…riding Corey Patterson like he was a top teir prospect…losing Rick Wilkens instead of getting him healed…A kid who loves his own team??? No no offense…
And td’s ok too…if you want rabid watch a Red Sox-Yankee discussion :wink:

im just sick of these so called rays fans since they are now playing good, not to say kaz that your a bandwagoner. they still havent made the playoffs and hopefully wont so until they do it they are still the old rays.

Don’t be sick about it…just enjoy the debate and don’t worry…something about Fla baseball…Marlins never shoulda done what they did but they did it…maybe the Rays will…maybe they won’t…just think how much smack running will be available to run if they don’t 8) We all enjoy our favorites…just ask a Dallas Cowboy fan…a Cub fan, Packer fan, Red Wing fan…Celtic, heck ask one of those looney NASCAR guys…GO 3 or 88 or some other number :mrgreen: :crazy:

I’m defiantly not a band wagoner. if rooted for the Rays since the MLB announced there would be there would be an expansion team there. They will make the playoffs (hopefully). But I don’t expect them top go far (maybe LCS). Well I’m sick of people trashing on the Rays because there winning alot.