Pep Talks--

Pep Talks…

Football is noted for its pre game pep talks by coaches in the locker room. Baseball …well, not so much. But here are two experiences of mine that I’d like to share with you:

Our head coach came out of his office one afternoon and decided that a pre-game speech was in order. We were playing a doubleheader that day and the first game was embarrassing to say the least. So, he motionedto us to gather round as he said………………….
“You guys have got to stay focused out there… you’re all over the place,
you’re not watching the plays and you’re not in the game at all! Now go
out there and stay focused!!”
Just then one of our players leans over and elbows me in the side and asked…. ”hey coach… who the heck is this guy??

Our GM was not very happy with the lack of discipline exhibited by everyone which included coaches and players alike. So, one afternoon he decided to share some quality time with us and discuss the meaning of professionalism. Our locker room was in a basement so we opened the street level windows to let a little air in. What was most important was the outward appearance of our attitudes before, during and after our games. Just as he was about to start and everybody got comfortable – a kid yelled through the street level windows –
“Hi guys…ok…I got four with pepperoni, two with onions and peppers, an one large combination with no anchovies… ahhh… that’ll be $ 65 bucks.”

Coach B.