People who have made their Highschool Freshman team

Any tips for me during tryouts?

Just some info,
4 seam - tops 72
2 seam tops 70
changeup - 64
1-7 curve - 60

Work hard, hustle, be confident. Don’t be cocky, but have a quiet confidence. Never let yourself be intimidated. Above all: Have Fun

x2, and to be honest, don’t expect to make Varsity. By all means, aspire for it, but be realistic in respect to your program, and the coach. In my school, theres only been three kids in the past 15 years or so who have spent significant time on varsity, I being one of them, all though I played more with the JV. My coach explained to me later on that he knew I was going to be “The Guy” my softmore, junior, and senior year, so he wanted to get me acclimated to the enviroment.

Play your game, chances are that a 72mph fastball isn’t going to dazzle the coaches, but a couple 90 pitch complete games down on JV where you strike out 6 and walk 1 might change their minds.

I think it’s very important for kids to go in and be aggressive. Always attacking, whether it’s hitting, pitching or fielding.

info about me:

4sm 70-72
curve breaks 10in 64-66
slider breaks 7in 68-70

love to add a good two seamer, i cant seem to get it to tail though, any thoughts?