Pensacola Pelicans

There are 2 tryouts for the Pensacola Pelicans in 2010. I am going to try and attend as an old teammate of mine currently plays for them. Also, I get comped hotel rooms through my job lol.

Edit: The closes property we have is on the other side of Florida :shock:

I got an email about this tryout. Its definitely one of the teams i would want to play for if i don’t get drafted and had to play independent.

They play in the same league as the Lincoln Saltdogs which is a 45 minute drive to Haymarket park from Omaha. SouthPaw on the forums plays for them and a kid I played at Bellevue University with just got signed as well. Indy ball is fun to watch.

Just had the tryout two days ago, did you go?

I was thinking of going in march but I dont think I will have the time. Ulysses Roque said they had a pretty good showing but nobody special. Hopefully I can make a fool of myself at a pro tryout sometime this year!!! ahahah