PEMF for throwing arm pain

There was a topic about use of PEMF for treatment of sore/Injured arms and many people wanted to
know about it and the rational for its benefits.

Here are 2 books that offer a wealth of info:

PEMF the 5th element of health Bryant A Meyers

There is a wealth of info on the internet

Numerous Companies sell the devices and you can get a portable one which would work
well for a specific site like a sore arm for about $1200.

Flex Pulse is one and they are all eager to provide uses and settings etc.

A promising therapy that you’ll hear a lot more about in the future.

One Caveat—the therapy is not like taking a pill and you are better. PEMF promotes healing–
it enhances the healing process and takes some time

Yours for better Health !

Be smarter and avoid the sore arm. Try using this throwing technique called Power-Pronation introduced by Prof. Don R. Mueller (physics professor and former minor league pitcher): Power-Pronation