Pedro Martinez

His changeup is insane what grip does he use? Can anyone post me some pictures thanks

You’re in luck I just happen to have video of the Pedro Martinez “Bugs Bunny Slo Ball Change Up” as referred to by Tim McCarver of Fox:

Forward to 3:44 in the clip below

LMAO! “I’ll perplex him with my slow ball!” But my favorite part its the “Screaming liner” into left field.

Circle, isn’t it?

That’s what I thought as well.

wow thats a really good circle

How does Pedro(Vote For Pedro!) get so much movement on his changeup? That’s what I want to know.

How you hold it in your hand as well as release. I throw a circle change and I hold it very lightly in my fingers(don’t bury it deep into my palm like some people suggest) And I just let it roll down my fingertips and then on release add a little more pressure to my ring and pinky finger and by doing this I get the ball to drop, as well as cut down and in on righties and down and away from lefties.

He turns it over a wee bit

Thanks for the advice.

They said in the game that he has very long fingers
that makes hs release a little late without it being awkward or feeling odd
his fastball has that run too and he doesnt use the two seam grip so that must be it