Pedro Astacio-

Has anyone seen Pedro Astacio throw what seems to be a 2-seam fastball? It has a huge break, in on a righty. It reminds me of a sinker. I know he has to pronate his wrist to get that kind of action. Anyone besides me seen this pitch I am talking about? Here’s a link on some of his stats:

I haven’t seen him throw the pitch, but Greg Maddux is supposed to throw a similar pitch (kind of a 2-Seamer mixed with a cutter/screwball). Chris Capuano is also supposed to throw a hybrid of a change-up and a screwball. The screwball action is natural for a circle change, since it is usually throw by pronating.

I’ve seen those guys pitch, it’s kinda like Maddux’s but a little more. And yes I have seen a few who throw a screwball type movement. Nasty pitches if you ask me. Me personally I have problems pronating. I am a Knuckleballer myself. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a good fastball I top out at 83-84mph.

I used to love Astacio when he was with the Dodgers. He has those long arms, and just whips the ball. And he’s shake his arm loose between pitches. I saw him with the Nationals last year. He pitched wel the game I saw, but he’s not the same now after the injuries.

Yeah, he’s kinda off the radar now. Not many people still know who he is. I watched him pitch this year and I was amazed at some of his pitches. Especially the “what he calls 2-seamer” More of like a screwball because he pronates his wrist like crazy. Awesome pitch! I have my favorite pitchers to watch and he is one of them. I like to watch: Wakefield, Contreras, Astacio,Maddux and Clemens.