How in the world does he do it? Last night he went 7 innings with 16 k’s. THats amazing.

how’s he do it? Incredible movement on his fastball… Still, he lost the game last night…

he’s got derrick lowe, greg maddux movement to his fastball but he throws it 96mph

But how does he put alot of movement on his fastball, is it something we could do or is it natural?

he had tons of movement on his fastball which lead to his sucess. wow i wish I had that kind of movement, his fastball started on one side of the plate and ended up on the other side

his middle finger is probably a lot longer than his index finger … so a lot of his movement is probaly just natural…

Peavey is not the biggest guy but he throws the crap out of the ball. He really gets a good scap load and his motion reminds me a bit of Billy Wagner’s. I was fortunate to be at that game the other night, I was also fortunate to watch batting practice on the field. I will watch BP on the field this weekend as well to try and watch Pujols up close and get a couple of pointers from him! :lol: