Pearl Harbor Day

Happy Pearl Harbor Day everybody!

Let’s all try to remember the memories of those who gave
their lives for our freedom,
especially those who served at Pearl Harbor.

Should there be a holiday for everyday someone has died, because that would be everyday.

Is that a question?
:?: :?:

Coming from a family heavily rooted in the military and having past family members who fought in WW1 and WW2 I find this comment extremely insensitive to a major event in American history.

I’m going to forgo everything I was going to say and instead say that this is probably not a topic that should be discussed on a forum such as this (or most forums for that matter). You never know who has family history or strong feelings about something like this and it can easily turn a civilized forum into hell.

If you look at the grammer, the sentence makes no sense, thusly…nothing to get offended by as it was obviously unintellectual.
I thank you for the service your family provided…mine also has a history of service to this, the very best country in the history of mankind…
I haven’t shared this with anyone on this site…it is the battle in which my uncle gave his life for this country…it (The battle) is the true reason we escalated in to Viet Nam…the Gulf of Tonkin was the “excuse”.

It was a very significant battle in so many ways…but to us it was when my Uncle Don died…
Two medals of Honor and one Silver Star came of this action…My uncles Lt. lived and got one MOH…the 20 yr old SeaBee who helped him and died got another…and my uncle received the Silver Star and was kia.
If you look into this, it is so wild…so much like the Alamo for Special Forces Team A-342 and the South Vietnamese that died there. If you aren’t just freaked or entralled by the story this Air Group writes here…check your pulse, it’s one of the wildest and scariest stories I’ve ever read about our forces in battle…
This was his 2nd tour there, on his first they built/fortified the place.
He was really fond of raising hunting dogs as a boy…over there the Vietnamese aren’t fond of dogs so he “adopted” 4 little monkeys and gave them girl names (Suzy and Sally…idk the other two). I have his last letter, which my grandmother received after he died…in it he talks about Spc4 Taylor who was their medic and who signed the letter of thanks at the bottom of this crazy story. He also said they knew that because of it’s location, they knew guys were going to get hurt.
On a really strange and bizaar side note…
I was watching 20/20 one night and on it they flashed up my Uncles team picture and said that some jerk was going around giving seminars (For money) about the battle and he claimed he was the one who received the Silver Star there…the next picture shows Spc4 Jim Taylor explaining that this idiot was never a member of Spec Forces A Team 342 and he’d never met the guy…turns out the guy was a fraud who was an MP in Tokyo at the time… :evil:

Thanks for sharing about your uncle.
My mom’s uncle (Louis Hancin) fought in the Korean War
and received the Purple Heart (I think that was what it was) for his actions during the battle of Heartbreak Ridge.
He (Louis Hancin)
just recently passed away this fall.

Sorry for being an a s s , I didn’t mean to disrespect anyones service to the country.

That’s all right-
I just think we didn’t understand your comment,
it wasn’t very clear.