PBR Scouting

I wanted to know whether its a big deal to be put up on the PBR website. I’m 6’0 feet tall and 145 pounds. My fastball sits 79-81 and topped out at 83 according to the gun there. My curveball was 66-68 and slider 71-73. It also said I had good arm action with room to improve whatever that means. It also called my build lengthy can anyone make sense of it for me.

Also my outfield velo with a pro hop was 86 during one of the trial things

Your measurables are all relative to your age/grade. If you are 13 years old Vanderbilt will be calling soon with those numbers. As for being “put on PBR website”, in what way? Did you do a PBR showcase or play in a PBR tournament? If so, every one who paid to play got a profile and measurables listed.

As for the write up, it could mean different things to different people. They basically said you still have a chance to get better.

Regardless, what’s important is understanding where you are today as a player and having a plan to get where you want to be. If you want to play at the next level, find out what those kids look like in terms of size, velocity, etc, and make a plan on how to get there.

I’m 15 I played 14u this year and I’m 15u next year. They put me in their scouting blog is what I mean by on the website

At your your age with your height, velocity and room to add weight to your frame you are a very projectable prospect. They put you in their blog as they identified you as someone to watch develop. Keep working hard and good things will happen.

I’m doing a winter workout for my travel team. The first hour is hitting (no throwing yet) and then we cross train or weightlift for 30 minutes. We do it 3 times a week

Also I should add I just went to the doctors a week ago and they had me at 6’1 and 152 pounds. I’ll probably end up being around 6’4 like my dad

A better workout plan would give you better results long term. 30 minutes 3x a week is not much. A proper warm up should take you 20 minutes. The top training programs tailored to overhand athletes are programmed for 6 days a week and take 1.5 to 3 hours a day for those 6 days.