Paul nyman tries to trash another site

Paul Nyman… AKA …Mr. “NUT JOB” is at it again

Are you going to sit back and take this crap?

He’s been banned from most all other reputable community sites…This guy is one sick dude.

Enough is enough!

“What I find interesting is those “protectors” of baseball hitting and pitching forums will claim they are protecting the democratic process i.e. everyone has essentially an equal “say”. Again common sense says that no two people are equal with respect to the knowledge they possess and their life experiences. And that claims implying they are only being democratic in their administration of these forums i.e. allowing any and all postings as long as it doesn’t threaten the existence of the forum is in my opinion nothing more than self-serving rhetoric.”

Well it takes a coward to take a debate to a place where he controls every aspect of the discussion…notice he takes no time to address the points that were made? Just attack and be smug and then run behind someones back and try to destroy them personally…Not even man enough to bring it here…How very couragious.

Spells loser to me. I’m sorry that taking a person to task for attacking every single other person who attempts to help, led this child to speak badly about our site but again I leave it up to ya’ll to judge. I don’t claim I’m being “Democratic” I simply asked an immature child to speak to the point of conversation instead of attempting (And failing) to ruin everyone elses input…obviously he thinks his own subscribers are too stupid to see how ignorant his little rant is…well I guess this is why he has to go to other sites…no one can present another opinion on his site or they will be banned (Ask DM), we let no one slide here, they are challenged if they try to work an agenda (Chris O’Leary used to get totally beat down here…but he was still offered the opportunity to present his views). He never even noticed that he was given respect and that his expertise was recognized (So much for his stupid comment about unequal knowledge)…I don’t use this language very often…but the idiot didn’t even realise that the only reason I came on the Mech forum was to see what he had to say…(As I agree that my ability to judge mechs isn’t stellar so I don’t participate within the forum…really ever).
We should all note that he was indeed allowed to present his views…so much for that ignorant statement… I just won’t let him go around beating people down for no purpose…other than implying our posters are too stupid to be able to see and judge for themselves what advice they should or should not take…
CJ I think I’m going to have to agree with your charactorization of him…“Nut-job”.
Nyman is obviously failing in his attempt to make a living…I feel badly for him…kinda sad to watch a train wreck.

News to Paul…you are transparent and pathetic.

I hate people like him he’s the kind of person who searches for something wrong to make himself look like an “expert”. Well guess what we have a former MLB pitcher to tell us whats right.All he has is his mother. So Pathetic.

P.S His books suck

[quote=“CJ”]Paul Nyman… AKA …Mr. “NUT JOB” is at it again

Are you going to sit back and take this crap?

He’s been banned from most all other reputable community sites…This guy is one sick dude.

Enough is enough![/quote]


Thanks for bringing this to our attention. While we always try to take the high road, it is not beyond us to ban someone if we feel their posts interfere with the free flow of information (regardless of whether that information is right or wrong, good or bad). We will not tolerate behavior that discourages others from participating.

This crap is why he only has 29 members and here there is 994. Honustly I think his just mad or jealuse the he cant get more members so he trash other more sucsecfull sites.

that has got to be some of the worst grammar/spelling I’ve ever seen :lol:

I have never been a good speller or good at grammer eather just the other day I spelled my own name wrong :smiley:

This guy is pretty much a loser.

CJ is a person who has been waging a campaign against Nyman for a long time. You’ve bought into it. Make your own decisions on what Nyman does but don’t just swallow what a flamer with a grudge posts hook, line & sinker.

Nyman can be rather obnoxious in his approach at times but he does present some valuable information. He’s also quite a bit easier to deal with one one one than in the context of forums when he’s competing with other people selling their concepts.

“CJ is a person who has been waging a campaign against Nyman for a long time”

No, I think you have that backwards.

It’s Mr. Nyman, that has for years been shown by his actions to be the one that has been cowardly attacking those in the business of baseball, YET, Mr. Nyman has absolutely no credibility as having even the most remote knowledge of the mechanics of hitting or of pitching.

He is an electronics engineer with only a bachelor’s degree and he has next no background in baseball on any level!

He steels the ideas of others and then repackages them as his own. Case in point… I was the one who coined the phrase “The W position” and then Scapula loading which Nyman took and ran with.

The Man is unscrupulous. He has been from the top down been banned from the world of baseball.

He has absolutely no respect from anybody!

lol i didnt even notice at first but that is funny