Paul Nyman and SETPRO - Not delivering the goods

On April 21 I ordered over $700 worth of equipment from Paul Nyman and SETPRO. I have yet to receive it (although I have paid for it) and have received no responses to my numerous phone calls and emails. I have been told he is a frequent poster on this forum. Hopefully he sees this and responds. If not, does anyone know how to get in touch with him? Thanks.

He’s been writing articles for Hardball Times


We are one of the forums he posts on, usually it takes the mention of his name a couple of times and magically he appears…so much so we tried this really strange and bizaar experiment around last Christmans, of mentioning Greg Maddux in nearly every post in an attempt to somehow get him to post also…I mean hey it worked for Paul and it worked for Chris O’Leary so we just felt (I must admit a little tongue in cheek) that we’d get The Great Greg to make an appearance…sort of like the seances that try to conjure up Houdini every Holloween :smiley:

Greg Maddux to ya and I hope Mr. Nyman makes good on your order.

Visit and type in in the Whois info. You’ll see his address and phone number.

Whoa now, you don’t want to go encouraging vigilante justice.

And JD, I am the esteemed Mr. Greg Maddux. I’ve been messing with ya this whole time.

[size=4]Just kidding[/size]

No way Greg doesn’t have “Godlike looks” :lol: 8)

But I bet you were wondering just what the heck was going on last Christmas time.
Greg Maddux to ya!!!

yeah i tried contacting him for a long time, he finally responded to his hardball times email address after a month or two.

that stinks
i have to say I ordered an ebook from him pitching for numbies…and it was great and I received it immediately.
Great physics and rotational stuff

I’ve also enjoyed steve ellis’ ebook as well. The more info you get the better you can become in recognizing certain things. I try to take a little from everybody and let the kids I coach and my son use their own attributes while mixing in all this other good stuff.
If it’s possible I’ve tried getting my son to where he’s a cross between Nymans and House’s philosophy. Sounds mixed up but I like momentum as well as rotation. We use Nymans backwards chaining and House’s momentum philosophy suggested to me by the greats on this board and it all works together. Steve Ellis’ knee to knee was critical in getting a faster time to home as well. Huge tips from his book as well.

Without all this stuff I wouldn’t know where to start.

“Sharkman” received his order today:

Type: Package
Status: Delivered
Delivered On: 05/20/2008
5:49 P.M.
Delivered To: CORONA, CA, US
Service: GROUND

And for those who would like some “light” reading regarding pitching mechanics:

Well Greg Maddux to ya Paul :smiley:

And Greg Maddux to you JD.

Hopefully I’ll see him this week if he pitches sunday or tuesday. I’m headin to Cali soon!

I did indeed get my stuff today. I got a nice call from Paul, apologizing for the delay. My son is at home, digging through the training manuals as we speak. I apologize for using this forum to try to resolve this, but at the time I seemed to be running out of options.

See if you can help a brother out…slip him our link…or better yet sit with a “hey Greg sign”, with our link on it…

I’ll send you an autographed picture of me playing Rock Band and singing “We Won’t Get Fooled Again” better than Roger Daltry… :wink: Mic swing and all!!! If that don’t give you psychological issues, well I would have spent my full arsenal…and you would have ended up running me into a corner in the fetal position just as you and Roger, your minion have planned all along :shock: :nosleep: :crazy:

Who you callin’ a minion? That’s Mr. Minion to you. :goofball:

I’m trying to deide whether to buy his product, “teach your son to throw the s#$t out of the ball.”

He had a special deal for 30 bucks on his site a while ago but I can’t get in touch with him to see if it’s still valid.

I also kind of want to pick up his setpro program but I want to read that book first to see if his stuff is the real deal before I spend 600$ on that.

I ordered the new Nyman’s eBook and he sells it for $60, sorry no discount. I bought $68 swing$throwing training eBook, BTW. But the problem is that he hasn’t sent me the registration code for me to look at the content yet :cry: It has been 4 days yet the order page guaranteed ‘mailed within 24 hours’

Hey now…this ain’t Set Pro customer Service…take it to Paul. Lanky, I won’t speak for his hitting, but I’ve not heard him say anything but intelligent stuff about pitching…gets a bit testy at his competition or those that disagree…but he does know pitching mechanics. End all beat all? Well now who is? got 6 c’s to spare up? It is your money.
I just sent you a PM


Never saw an email from you requesting registration key info.

Did you follow the registration instruction to the “letter”.

Did you send you request with the key word TYDT and or TYSH in the subject? If these key word(s) are not in the subject you email is considered SPAM and I will never see it.

Also SETPRO’s server was down twice last week due to a switch problem. There is a possibility this may have caused a email problem.

Please resend you request for registration as per the TYST/TYSH instructions.

“Hey now…this ain’t Set Pro customer Service…take it to Paul.”

Please follow this advice. I receive over 1000 Spam emails a day so if you send an unsolicited email and or don’t follow instruction and don’t hear from me it’s because it most likely was killed by my SPAM filters.