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Arm is moving pretty well here. Still working on external rotation ROM for elbow/shoulder. An interesting note is that my arm speed is nearly the same with a 5 ounce ball as it is with a 1.1 lb ball. ~.4 m/s difference (3 trials). I think how this band works with a pitch is by taking instantaneous velocity from release.


Went back and watched a couple of your videos from a couple of years ago compared to today. The thing that stood out as it looks like you’re now kind of wrapping your pitching arm back away from your body.


good point, what would you say the negatives are from doing that? I’ll mess around with it see how shortening that arm swing compares in terms of velo and arm speed.


Think it makes your arm lag behind your body, more stress on the arm. Just noticed it was different than before. I’m not the best qualified to answer, would like to see responses from some of the other guys.


arm speed is improving each session.



Latest 5lb ball throw



hit 87 in a flat ground after taking a break from training. Signed with a summer baseball team


Congrats brother!


Got a great scholarship to a great program. Numbers wise not pitching well but stuff is good and arm is coming along well. Back into high 80’s touching low 90’s. Great considering I only started throwing a couple days before this impromptu season. A fall of training should go a long ways. Here is some footage from a touch and feel bullpen before a game






Congrats! Been following your path back and am really excited for you!


Thanks excited to make the most out of the opportunities to come.



3rd time long tossing since tommy john. Going to aim to air it out once a week or so. I’ll come back and post soon about my weekly programming