Pat's online Pitching Journal


Season starts this Friday in Highland Kansas. I am going to start out as our teams closer. Pitched in intrasquad both Friday and today throwing two innings on both days. Friday was really good velo was 88-89 but Sunday was 85-87. Got to get a solid routine going so I can come out strong for two outings in a weekend series.


Pitched well this weekend in Kansas. Hit 92 in my first inning of the season which was great sat 87-89. Bounced back the next day to come in with a bases loaded situation with 1 out. Got out of situation with a 3 pitch strike out and ground ball. Pitched the next inning 3 up 3 down with a k. Sat 84-86 touched 88 that second day. Stats for this season so far 1bb 1h 3k’s 2.2 ip


Nice work! Keep it going.



Have been out with a cold all week just getting over it. Had a pretty bad outing indoors in live bp today. Sucks that this happened after such a great weekend. Have another live bp on Monday and we do not play actual games until march 12 or so. Going to be a bull dog in training to make up lost ground. Have readjusted my goals. Hit 95 mph by end of may and have no pitches under 90 in an outing by that date as well.


Got a 2 inning save this weekend. Pitched pretty good first time I have actually sat 90+ which is pretty cool considering I hit 90 for the first time a couple weeks ago. Was between 90-91 and touched 92 a couple times. Goal is 95 by May. Gonna put in work day by day and get myself drafted in June.


Good Luck!


A bit of a setback this week injured my elbow on Saturday and had to miss a series. Was throwing a bullpen threw a ball felt a pop or pluck of a guitar string sensation, pinky fingers went numb. Haven’t tried throwing since due to tightness, seems to be improving but going to get my elbow checked out by a specialist as a precaution this Friday. Really a shame because stuff was really clicking the day of injury! Hopefully this is just a minor setback so I can be back training soon!


Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Hopefully nothing serious.


Looks like a torn muscle fiber in my elbow no throwing for two weeks. Pretty good news, adjust process try and properly rehab to still have a shot at my goal for may.


Great news! Any idea where you’re going next year?


Very, very good news.
I am relieved for you.


No improvement on my elbow getting an MRI done probably going to apply for a medical redshirt for this season. Went on a visit to a mid level D1 program recently while I was injured, wasn’t offered very much and tuition was out the roof for out of state. Haven’t heard anything else from the D1 schools that were offering weeks ago! Id say this injury and having almost nonexistent statistics are the culprit, but what can you do. Have some really good scholarships from some top of the line D2 and NAIA programs. Have already spoke to them and if injury just needs time the same offer will be there. Sucks but in the meantime trying to gain weight, and rehab with light resistance exercises until I know what I need to do to fix my arm. Worst comes to worst I get surgery lose all my offers and train/rehab back home while taking engineering classes. Maybe I can pull of something similar to what Christian Meister did last year at driveline.


Its been nearly 2 years since I have posted something here. I’m 15 months removed from TJ surgery. Throwing 3x a week in a basement, working out 3x a week as well. Post surgery pitch PR is 85, in this time period I have had bullpens where I sit 82+ and I’ve had bullpens where I’ve sat 73-80. I’m now training mostly for fun and out of curiosity to see how hard I can throw (prior to completely tearing my UCL I had been up to 92). Basically I’m just an engineering physics major who likes working out and throwing the shit out of it.



500 by 5 deadlift video.


1lb slow motion throw (February 14th 2017)


4 ounce slow motion throw


A clip from todays workout. I’m moving well. The elbow is getting there. I still don’t have my old range of motion with it but I’m confident once it comes back I will throw really hard.