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Awesome progress. Really solid. Congrats on all the work you’ve been putting in.


Threw on a scout day this past Friday. Ball was coming out pretty good considering I threw a bullpen last Tuesday consistently between 87-89 for the first two innings. Dominated some good hitters which was really promising. Had some pitches where I kind of lost focus and ideally I need to be focused on every single pitch because often one or two bad pitches could be the deciding factor between a good/bad outing. Will post some video of indoor intrasquad shortly. Got to keep taking care of business still have a long ways to go if I want to make it to that next level, especially in terms of velocity. My 1 year plan is to be comparable in velocity to a fellow Canadian lefty drafted last year.


Looking good man keep it up



Video from live intrasquad last Friday. Coach will try to upload in HD however wifi is being questionable.


Thanks for posting this.
For the younger high school guys, this is a guy who is looking (I am sure) to either move on to a big college (D1) or get drafted at some point.
Notice the movement on his pitches and the velocity. He does not need to be obsessively nagged to “live at the knees” because his stuff is good enough to elevate some. He can get away with more because his stuff is good.
I am sure 5 MPH velocity in addition to what he has now would change his baseball prospects quite a bit…not being critical, I like how you pitch, just trying to give a little heads up to the younger guys. Let the lesson be…78 is not the same as 84…84 is not the same as 89 and so on…88 straight down the pipe belt high will get hammered by D1 hitters.
So, to the younger guys, watch this video and see what a guy who is a D1 kind of recruit looks like. Where is you velocity? How is the movement on your pitches? How is your conditioning and strength? How hard do you work?


Well said. An extra 5 miles an hour would do me wonders. Always trying to gain more velocity, I just hit 90 for the first time last week and now its on to 91. I’m sure when I hit that number it will be 92 and so on and so forth. The moment I stop wanting more in my progress as a pitcher will be the moment my career ends. In the span of the last 2 years I have gone from 78-81 consistently to 87-89 (about a 4 mph increase per year).
In the last video I posted you can probably notice that I miss spots at times. For a guy who is just throwing that is probably the worst thing he can do but when a guy loads every pitch with a ton of intent and gets nasty he can make more mistakes. Love to just go out on a mound and compete with velocity. To make the best pitches I can. Struck out a SEC commit player with 4 fastballs in that outing.





Progression from senior in high school to sophomore year. 78-79 touching 82 mechanics, 82-84 touching 87 mechanics and 87-89 touching 90 mechanics.



Hey, I saw some of your pens. Nice job! You have a unique windup, which is good, and I love how explosive that fastball of yours is. If you polish up your control a bit more, you’ll be a big threat. Keep up the good work :smiley:!