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Mass matters, strength matters, conditioning matters and doing things with intent matters.
Individuals can vary of course but these things, as you have stated, are generally true. Most high school kids think that working on mechanics, playing catch 3 times a week and jogging will do it. Not even close unless someone is genetically gifted.
Thanks for giving a quick break down and hopefully a bit of a wake up call to some high school kids who might read this.
I am a big believer in Kyle’s (Driveline) stuff. Big time.


no worries, have a very good and progressive pitching coach here at school as well which really helps. Was at a college program before that was very old school and it almost hindered development because they were so against me lifting weights and training with weighted balls/wrist weights/etc. We have 2 more pens until Christmas break, I have a set goal with him to hit 91 before I go home. will try to post video if I get it.


It does hinder progress when the approach is cookie cutter.
Good luck, look forward to seeing the video.


Bullpen day tomorrow. Feeling a bit lethargic this week with semester coming to an end but hoping to turn it on and blow it up tomorrow. Team did maxes in strength training today squatted 390 which I was pretty unhappy considering I squatted a 435 a couple months ago. Putting things into perspective though there was a period where I didn’t squat for three weeks due to a foot injury. Any way here is a video I took of my squat form a week ago.



Do you have any advice on squatting and how you have gotten your squat that high? That’s a pretty impressive squat.


I could publish the workout program I pieced together from the workouts I have gone through with other trainers and some books I have read if you want? Mostly it is the intent of wanting to lift heavy and get stronger. Hard to get stronger if you don’t push yourself. The most basic squat workout I could recommend would be doing your max weight for sets of repetitions of 8,6,4. Every last rep in each set should be borderline to failure, if it isn’t you are probably not pushing yourself enough.


If you could post your leg workout that would be great. I honestly do push myself to the max with squatting and my legs with what I have to work with in our relatively small gym.

I have done 315 max but cannot get over that hump. I can maybe do 225 8 times, 6, 4. It might be a form issue. I have been trying to fix it by staying on my heals more. I don’t leg press, or other machine lifts because I don’t have access to them in my main gym but if I travel I can get access. Maybe if j incorporate them with better form, I will see an increase.


Weight Training Lower Body
Warm-up: Cycle/Run 10-12min
Tempo: 2:0:1sec Rest: 75sec
Mondays Squats 2 x 5
Pick 2

  1. Pause Squats (5 second hold) 2 x 10
  2. Dead-Start Squats 2 x 10
  3. 1 ½ Squats 2 x 10
    Thursdays Deadlifts 5 x (10,8,6,4,2)
    Leg Press 3 x (10,8,6)
    SLDL 3 x 10 (SGL/DBL/SGL)
    Step Ups 2 x 10/Leg
    Leg Curl 3 x (10,8,6)
    Goblet Side Lunges 2 x 10
    Hip Machine 2 x 10
    Calves (Anything) 4 x 15
    Abdominals/Cool-down/ Stretch


If the size of your gym is limiting you sub with plyometric. replace what you don’t have with exercises such as barbell hip thrusts, single leg squats (with body weight). Really if you need to take stuff off from this add what you think you need, you probably know yourself better than anyone.


Took a Screenshot. Will definitely take some of this. I’ll travel to a new location on leg day.
Thank you!


Didn’t end up doing bullpens on Wednesday, coach thought it would be better for us to get in some high intensity plyo ball throws instead. His reasoning behind this was that our bullpens last week looked a bit lethargic because a lot of players probably didn’t train over thanksgiving break. Looking forward to next weeks bullpen before going home. We maxed out in benchpress today, pressed 245lbs which is pretty good because prior to this I had only been doing dumbbell bench. Pulldown velo day and clean maxes are tomorrow.


penned on Wednesday. Did alright, sat 88-89. Pretty disappointed but that gives me a lot of motivation going into break. Going into break with the goal of 90+ by the end of January.






Posted some training videos. Working hard into the break, with wrist weight, plyo ball exercises 3 times a week, weighted ball training 2 times a week and weight training 5 times a week. This deadlift isn’t my max but I working into breaking my 535lb max dead I did back in September.


Love it.
Important for these kids to see what lifting actually looks like.


Finally did it. Threw a bullpen yesterday 88-90 was great. Will attach some video a teammate took.