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Sorry I havent been able to update I have been incredibly busy with ball. Well to start off our first exhibition games were cancelled so last weekend we went down to Spruce Grove to play them, what a weekend that was… I got the ball in our first game. The first inning went okay striking out a side with a few walks in between. Things went downhill from there though at the end of the game I went 2 1/3rds with 3 k’s, 1 hit, a lot of earned runs and about 11 walks… The next day I pitched out of the bullpen, this time I get 2 quick routine groundballs to short that end up being errors, then in an 0-2 count I let up a 3 run homer to a 5’6 first year midget player his first hit of the season… Well the only positive thing I can take out of that performance was that I overheard the other coach say “this guys throwing heat” when I was warming up before my first game… Right now I feel embarrassed but at the same time motivated to hopefully redeem myself out of the bullpen this friday.


That’s great your using it as motivation.

Make yourself better and learn from your mistakes.


With two tough loses on friday I pitched well out of the pen. Coming into a 7-5 game for them in the 5th with 1 out and bases loaded, it took 2 pitches before I got a double play to end the inning. I would continue to retire the next 5 batters on weak groundballs and infield popups. In the 7th with the score 7-7 with 2 out I hit a batter on an 0-2 count with my splitfinger. 3 errors and 2 infield popup bloop hits later the score would be 10-7 for them I would retire the last batter on a strikeout. I thought I pitched well 2 2/3rds with 1 ER that probably shouldnt have happened and no walks. Overall I felt like I was dominant on the mound with my fastball but I need work on my offspeed so I can be more successful. I think I earned myself a start for this weekend at the Saskatchewan Midget Prospects tournament in moosejaw. Hopefully I can impress the coaches there and make Canada Cup.


Sounds good keep working hard good luck


Wow, this weekend could not have been better. On the mound I went 6 1/3 innings of relief with 3 appearances 1 W, 71 pitches, 0 BB, 3 HB (hit batters), 0 hits, 1 unearned runs with 0 earned runs and 5 k’s. In the first appearance I got our team out of a jam with a ground ball, before striking out a side in the next inning. A scout from University of Calgary was in the stands and clocked me at 84. I was then given some recruiting forms. In my second appearance with our team down 6-7 in the 6th I came in to close it out, after an error on a bunt there is a guy on 1. The runner would later come around to 3rd but he would not score, the next inning with the game tied I got 2 quick ground ball outs before striking out the final batter on 3 pitches. Our team would load up the bases in the bottom of the 7th before a walk off single scored the go ahead run. The third appearance was in the championship game with our starter struggling I came into the 5th to close out a 5-1 game, I got a lot of ground balls but a few errors caused a unearned run to score. I would go on to close out the game retiring the rest of the batters, including striking out jr. team canada member Jordan Schulz on 3 pitches. Overall I think I pitched exceptionally well. I dominated on the mound and threw pretty hard. I think that I should work on locating my split-finger because the odd time it would slip out an hit a batter. Other than that I am happy with my performance and I think that my chances are good for making the canada cup roster.


That’s a great weekend congrats on the good job


Over the weekend we swept the Regina Mets in a double header. I closed out a tight game pitching 1 inning with 1 BB and 0 runs allowed. I was disappointed that a nasty blister on my left index finger sidelined me for the next game but that’s how it goes sometimes. Anyways it looks like Ive had enough success coming out of the bullpen to get a start this week against one of the leagues top teams the Saskatoon Giants. After we play the Giants we head down to Edmonton for a tournament were I am slated to pitch in 1st relief for the most of our games (possibly a start in the semi final or final depending on how we do and how high my pitch count gets). I think that relieving games in tournaments is a good thing for me, I get a chance for a lot of looks and I eat up a lot of innings, often I am often pretty dominant coming out of the pen.


Good stuff, hopefully the blister goes away so you can get the start.

Sounds like the season is going fairly well for you.

All the best


In my start I went 3.1 innings with 1 earned run off of 2 hits and 1 walk. Even though I only went 3 innings I thought that I was dominant on the mound. Numerous errors (6 in those 3 innings) would prolong innings, the third opened up with a dropped 3rd strike that would lead to a throwing error on the catcher. Next a broken bat infield popup would be ruled as a single when the SS and the 2nd baseman couldnt call it. A popped up bunt attempt to the pitcher would lead to an out but with the middle infield sleeping we couldn’t double on 2 bag. After a routine groundball to the 3rd basemen gets airmaled scoring 2, the next batter strokes a double off me to score 1 more. I was then pulled from the game, luckily the pitcher from the pen bailed me out getting a double play ball to end the inning. In Edmonton it seemed like our coaches planned too far ahead starting one of our weaker pitchers to open the tournament. In his 2 innings of work he would let in 7 runs off of 5 hits and 4 walks. We would then be mercied through 5 innings the score was 14-0. The next game went a lot better we pitched one of our better pitchers against the team that mercied the team that mercied us. It was a pretty tight game and with the score 5-4 for us in the bottom of the 7th I came in with a runner on first and no out. With a runner on first they squared a bunt that I cleanly fielded and threw to first. With 1 out and the runner on secound I would strike out the next batter but the baserunner would advance to 3rd on a wild pitch. With the runner on 3rd I quickly got up on the next batter 0-2, but with the tying run 90 feet away I was weary of bouncing a pitch. The next 2 pitches I tried to nibble on the outside corner one of them looked like it was right there but the count would even at 2-2. The third pitch was right on the outer portion of the plate causing the batter to popup to the 1st basemen for the 3rd out. I would get the save and we would win 5-4. In a 3 way tie in our pool we came out on the bottom because of our runs for/against ratio we ended up playing the consolation final. I started going 3 strong innings with 1 hit, 0 walks, 4 k’s and no runs allowed. Our team would win 10-2. Season ERA .81 with 17.1 innings pitched.


Sounds like the season is going well for you. Congrats and keep it up man.


Sorry I couldnt keep this updated but I have been busy with final exams. Until just recently my season has been going really well I topped out at 84 on a gun and I have been pitching consistently well. However I recently sprained a capsule ligament in my throwing arm causing me to take a week off. This isnt too bad since I have relieved over 3/4 of our games so far.


Gotta be careful not to get over used. Hopefully just one week off will help.


So Canada Cup selections were made this weekend… I didnt make it. I feel like Ive just been ripped off, I had coaches and players telling me that I should be a guaranteed pick. I know that I should have made it but I realize that it was probably due to the fact that I was a late bloomer in baseball (In 2 years I have gained more than 20 mph on my fastball going from 63-84). Even though this is a real putdown I know that I have lots of potential as a ballplayer even if a lot of coaches dont see it… So I figure that the best way I can take this is to use it as motivation to get that D1 scholarship and to prove those coaches wrong…


That sucks about not making the team, but keep it all in perspective man.


Its been a couple weeks since Ive updated this but I feel like I should start doing it again… My season finished 2 weeks ago with our team getting upset in provincials. Being the 2nd place team in the league our coaches thought we were almost guaranteed a spot in the semifinal so they saved our pitching. After the season finished I immediately started training for my fall season. I have been religiously following the Tuff Cuff Phase 1 workout plan as well as running 28 km’s a week. Although I have been training hard Ive decided to take 3 weeks off of throwing to give my arm a rest before I start up in Vauxhall.


At one point you observed that “In Edmonton the coaches planned too far ahead, sending out one of the weaker pitchers to start the tournament”—words to that effect. Reading that, I got a shock of recognition as I remembered the 1960 World Series and the real reason the Yankees lost it.
Casey Stengel made what would turn out to be a fatal error; he started Art Ditmar in the opener. Ditmar wasn’t a bad pitcher, but he certainly was not the one to open such a crucial series. Stengel’s reasoning was that he wanted to save Whitey Ford for the third game which would be played in Yankee Stadium, and that was the mistake. If Ford had pitched the first game in Pittsburgh he probably would have won it, and he would then be available for the fourth game —and, if need be, the seventh. And the Series might have turned out differently. But Stengel let sentimentality get the better of him—and it led to his being fired at the end of the Series. (You could blame it on his age.)
It seems the coaches did something similar. They had better watch their collective step, lest they meet the same fate. When you go into a big series such as this you want to go with your best pitcher, not your third best!


Pretty grainy footage but you can blame my coach’s ipad for that. This bullpen is our first of the offseason, felt pretty good was between 88-89. Coach apparently has side view footage as well as top view but he has not posted them yet. Religiously doing driveline baseball program and lifting. Currently playing at North Iowa Area CC to transfer to a 4 year as a junior or to play pro baseball next year.


Looks good.
It has been three years since you posted. Since it was your first pen of the offseason and you were 88-89, where do you normally sit?
Also progressing fro 81 to high 80’s or 90 in three years is great.
Maybe you can offer a quick outline as to what did over those three years for the guys that are high school pitchers now?
As you know 81 to 89 makes you a different pitcher, or at least how you are viewed.


here is a better quality video.


Qas sitting in the fall between 85-87 topping out at 88 every outing. For me I felt like the weight room really did the trick. Started baseball in my sophomore year of highschool, played a lot of different sports up until then. With that and lifting I felt like I really gave myself a good foundation. Had always been lifting but there is a world of difference when lifting with specific intent. Had a lot of intent to increase lean body mass and power output. Made it a goal every offseason to gain 15 lbs or more of quality mass. Was topping out in the low 80’s and sitting in the high 70’s as a 6’4 170lb pitcher whereas a 200 lb pitcher (now 215lbs) I was sitting low- mid 80’s. The weight gain helped quite a bit with velocity but after I had that good foundation of strength and power I needed to focus more on specialized and competitive training. Just in the past 8 months or so I have really started to dive into mechanics and such. Utilizing a lot of the throwing program material from driveline baseball, jaegr, armory, tread athletics and such. I would highly recommend the driveline ballistic training program. Where there is velocity there is opportunity in baseball for the most part.