Pat's online Pitching Journal


Ive been really busy with school and ball so I havent had a lot of time to update this so here it is…
Monday- speed & strength training practice
Tuesday- 60 pitch Bullpen
Wednesday- Batting Practice and Long Toss
Thursday- 45 pitch Bullpen
Friday- rest
Saturday- Batting Practice
Sunday- 30 pitch Bullpen

I worked out and did bike intervals daily along with these practices.


Sounds good keep working hard


Sorry I havent been able to update this in a while but ball and school are really keeping me busy… Here is how my week went:
Monday- Speed & Strength Training Practice
Tuesday- Throwing and Pitching Practice (15 pitch bullpen) with Inside Pitch Baseball Academy
Wednesday- Throwing, Bp and 30 Pitch Bullpen with Team Sask. I threw a bullpen in front of the Sask Baseball Coordinator… I think pretty well. I threw a lot of strikes and spotted up my pitches consistently, He complimented me on my velocity and fastball movement.
Thursday- Practice with my Club Team (D-backs) I threw a 15 pitch bullpen and took bp
Friday- Bp with team Sask
Saturday- Pitching and Batting Practice with Inside Pitch Baseball Academy. (threw a 40 pitch bullpen)
Sunday- Practice with the D-backs, I took it easy on my arm, I did some PFPs, pickoffs and Bp off of live pitchers. Also helped coach a Pewee Cardinals Team.

I would workout daily rotating between Upper Body, Lower Body, Plyometric and Agility. I would also do rotator cuff and bike intervals daily.
I thought I got a lot done this week and I think Im getting a lot better. Throughout the week I had no soreness in my arm…


Good stuff, good to see you threw a good session in front of the Head guy for Sask Ball. Hopefully that bodes well for your chances to make the Canada Cup team.

Sounds like you’re well on your way. Keep it up.


So far Ive had a really good week, I had speed training on monday and today at sask practices I threw a great bullpen. It felt like everything I have been working on for the past couple of months came together on the mound. After practice the Sask coach talked to me about Vauxhall a bit and told me to start looking into colleges, he recomended that I should start with Prairie Baseball Academy and U of C. He said that he has no doubts that I will be playing college ball, and it felt really good to hear that… Aside from that I have sask practice and Diamond backs tommorow and then on friday I am going to the baseball canada super clinic. Im excited to hear Duane Ward and Homer Bush talk, hopefully I can pick up some tips and improve. This weekend im also going to ask the yellowjackets (saskatoons WMBL team) coach if I can go out to some of their practices over the summer… I hope everything goes well.


Good stuff everything sounds good.

Keep working hard it.

Getting to listen to Ward talk would be awesome.

What school is U of C? Are you looking at all levels of College ball or just certain levels?


university of calgary it has a new baseball program, right now i want to keep my options open and see what comes up…so I guess im looking at all levels of college ball.


Is Calgary NAIA or NCAA affiliated?

If you’re looking to get drafted I’d stay away from Canadian schools except for UBC.


They play in an intercanadian league.


Part of the CIS or whatever its called up here? They play their season in the fall correct?

I strongly advise you not to do it because you’d be ending your chance of playing pro before it even begins.

There’s only been I believe one player drafted outta the CIS and that was back in the 90s if you want to go pro you can’t afford to play College Ball up here. I looked into it when I was looking at schools.

It’s a bad Baseball decision.


Correction, there was a Pitcher from Brock U in 2004 who was signed as a non-drafted FA.

CIS ball is more for guys who want to keep playing ball after going down to the States for a few years. Or for guys who don’t take ball seriously or for guys who don’t think they have the ability to play US College Ball.


Thanks for the advice, I will try to stay away from it then. I hope to learn more about this when I get to Vauxhall.


No problem, I’m sure Vauxhall will help you out in guiding you in the right direction.


Had a long week again full of practiced workouts again… That Super Clinic was really well done, Ive heard a lot of that stuff before but I still picked up a few things from hearing Dwayne Ward and Homer Bush talk. I was lucky and got to ask Dwayne Ward how he throws his. I did not see the Yellow Jackets coach there though so I guess I will need to phone him about coming out to some of their practices, however I was asked to help out at the Blue Jays Super Camp which is in town around August.

Yesterday I hit BP outside for the 2nd time with the Dbacks and pitched a quick 15 with the Inside Pitch Baseball Academy. Today I was working on the change up grip that Ward showed me. Usually I have lots of trouble with a change up but this grip is really working for me, so I will have to thank him at the Jays super camp in august!


Awesome stuff, hopefully the change keeps working for you.

Thats great they invited you back to help out.


Wow its been a while since I have updated this but I have been really busy, so I will try to keep this one brief. I have been practicing at least once a day and I’ve been going two a days in the weightroom (light dumbell, tubing & bike intervals at lunch and weight training after school. I think that I am getting a lot better. My club team coach has promised a start in the our opening exhibition game against the Spruce Grove Whitesocks (Spruce Grove is near Edmonton).


Good stuff man congrats on getting a start hope it goes well for you.


Thanks I really appreciate that


Ive been playing ball all week again, 4 times a week with my club team, 3 times a week doing some team sask morning workouts, 3 times a week coaching a pewee AAA team. For the past couple weeks Ive been practically living out on the ball diamonds.

Heres the latest, on sunday I threw a bullpen in front of a current independent leaguer (Dan Morari with the Fargo Redhawks and a former Calgary Viper), he helped me out with my change up telling me to grip it a lot looser. Dan told me that I looked pretty consistent hitting my spots and that my fastball’s movement and velocity looked good. Today I pitched a simulated game (3 innings), I struck out 4, walked 2 and allowed no hits with zero runs scored. I thought this was a pretty good outing, but I need to work on throwing my offspeed consistently for strikes. Our preseason exhibition games are just around the corner (2 doubleheaders sat/sunday), hopefully our team has a good showing.


Sounds good keep working at it