Path to Greatness

I am back everyone.
I have big news. I will be participating in a tryout on Wednesday for a South division NWAACC team. It is just a tryout for the coaches to see where they think we will fit in on the team, and what we need to work on for fall ball.I am confident that my command is on a dime with four of my five pitches. I have already spoken with the coach, and he told me that the team’s weak area last year was freshman pitchers, so I may be in luck. I am going to do my best to take the team’s below .500 record and put it way up. I am shooting for the .650 range.
I will also be running Cross Country for the same college in the fall, so hopefully the crossover will do me some good. Both coaches are fine with it, and it may also help me in the long run for getting into a four year school.
Wish me luck, everyone. I will next post either Wednesday evening or Thursday after work.

Good luck…it won’t be easy though…don’t short cut anything.

If there is one thing I dont do, it is cut myself short. I failed to mention I will be doing both sports full time, and most likely will be running from one to the other.

The Coach had a family emergency, so our workout was postponed for a couple weeks. Got to meet one of the returning outfielders though.

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I finally got to do a workout for the coaches at the local college. It seems they weren’t expecting a performance like that from me. I was feeling great and was locating well. One fastball did get away from me. I pitched it inside when he set up outside. It was just off the plate, but still. I need to work on control. Changeups were looking great, and I was controlling them well. A few I left up a little more than I would have liked. Struggling to control my curve when people are watching. Threw a couple 45 ft. curves. Cutter tends to stay outside on a righty, so I need to work on comand of that. Splitty isn’t that great, but it’s accurate. We didn’t have a radar gun out, but I asked the coach truthfully about how fast he thought I was throwing, and he said probably in the mid to high seventies with my fastball (mostly throwing two seams). I was told that if I had been there the year before I would have definitely been in their top 10 pitchers, but they have 9 retuning pitchers and at least 5 new guys that they are looking to bring in, so I am going to have to work really hard to make the team. What impressed them the most, I think, is at the end of my pen they told me to throw whatever I wanted them to see, and rather than throw a breaking ball like the other two guys there, I threw all changeups, letting them know that I am confident in that pitch. What they didn’t realize is that throughout my pen I was throwing four different changeups for strikes. All different speeds and movements. And I didn’t even get around to my palmball. Oh, and one more thing: I was leaving my fastballs up a bit. I need to work on staying on top of the ball longer.

Okay, so I have my lemons. Time to start making some Apple juice.

By the way everyone, my ultimate goal in baseball is to pitch at least one inning in the show. Just one would make me the happiest man on earth. Then I plan on becoming either a major or minor league pitching coach. Help those who need it most to realize their dream. Help them where I received so little aid. I will make somebody’s dreams come true. I promise you that. I will change a life forever.

When life gives me lemons, I grab some eggs and sugar and make a delicious lemon meringue pie. Or I get some chicken broth and an egg and make Greek avgolemono soup.
Then I grab a baseball and learn a new pitch. 8)

I finally got my wider grip splitty to stay around the zone. Still needs work, but it’s looking good. Still struggling to control my curve, but I am getting a little closer. I am thinking about only throwing two changeups, each one depending on the situation. Straight 3 finger change and my secret weapon. :slight_smile:

Ahhh…the secret weapon. Every pitcher should have one. Mine was something called a “slip pitch”—a hard slider thrown with a knuckleball grip; I would use a couple of different knuckleball grips. This pitch looked like a very, very good changeup—and it was a very, very unhittable one. I learned that one from my incredible pitching coach back in 1953, and after telling me how to throw it he said “You’ll know what to do with it.” And I did. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

My “secret weapon” is essentially a two seam fastball thrown with my pinky and ring finger. I think it tops out at 61.

My “secret weapon” is essentially a two seam fastball thrown with my pinky and ring finger. I think it tops out at 61.