Past, Present and Future



first time posting here so if i have missed some steps or broke a “golden rule”. please forgive.

Past (15 years ago in a smallish city in Ontario, Canada)
the maybe boring stuff

I realized at 14, i threw hard and not just hard for a 14 year old but pretty hard in general. I was playing with kids 3/4 years older then i was recreation-ally and had little challenge throwing the baseball by them. All boasting aside, the first time i really checked in on what was happening was at a Hamilton RedBirds game. I was clocked in for a few pitches at around 85 MPH. the fellow running the machine appeared to be shocked as i was 15/16… i guess i should add i also happen to be left handed.I was coerced by a few coaches to join a rep/travel team and did. I spent a few years enjoying the lime light but really nothing was to be made of it. I eventually blew out my knee and never played baseball again

Present (recently turned 31)
My son/wife have encouraged me to join a hardball team and i have made a few practices. I talked to a few players on the team in the area and they seem to think there’s gas in the tank. My line of thought is ‘i shouldn’t be concerned with this and should just enjoy a mens hardball league correct?’ Is there a place with a lefty who had very little mechanical assistance/training/work/mileage even bother? should i even bother looking for someone with a radar gun?

the real reason why i came here. I have a few questions.

My son is growing to an age where i would like to ensure he has every opportunity to succeed where i did not.
I was also wondering if any folks have read any studies with baseball skills being hereditary?
Is there any programs i should be aware of and encourage him to join?
where might one find teams where your kids are likely to be challenged in baseball?

thanks for your time. Any links to good articles to read that will help will leave me grateful.


Welcome to the boards.

Spend a couple hours reading the boards and looking throughout the rest of Stevens content.

Look at Driveline Baseball by Kyle Boddy he used to post here

Check out Tread Athletics run by Ben Brewster also a former poster

Check out Setpro by Paul Nyman

Look at Better Pitching by Phil Rosengren

That should get you started.


Check out Lantz Wheeler. You’ll learn so much from him. He puts in ways that its easy to understand and as someone who has checked out all of the guys Wales has listed, they have a lot offer and good bits of info you can take away and use in your game, Lantz and his teachings have done the most for me and my game. Hands down.


But read thru and make your own opinions and go with what makes sense to you. Don’t let other people shaming another persons program get in your head. Read everything about pitching with absolutely no bias. Be open minded and then form your own opinion on how to pitch.