Passing on the good stuff


I’m no longer active here because of health reasons, but I wanted to pass on an experience that I had just the other day. For those of you who will be coaching youth baseball, you might find this interesting.

I’m in a local supermarket (right up the street) shopping for some last minute things when a man passes me twice, stops and stares, then moves on. Kind of unnerving at first, but then a closer look jogs my memory and I remember coaching this man many, many years ago when I volunteered to help a former coach, then retired, with a Babe Ruth club. After a few social comments, he tells me that the baseball cap that he wore is one of his father’s prize possessions. It also helps his dad to remember things. I’m also told his dad wears it from time to time because it helps him remember his son’s name, among other things.

I finish the shopping, and go home, thinking all the while that it might be a nice piece of memorabilia to give the
man a baseball that he and his teammates signed, many years ago. I save these keepsakes along with other

I went into my display cabinet, found the ball and drove back to local supermarket, saw the man loading his car, and gave him the ball. His dad, along with his mom, were sitting with his wife. When he gave the ball to his dad, the man’s father started to smile, rubbing the ball and the look that followed to this son was something that I cannot express in words here.

As you walk along this road in life, coaching can give you the opportunity to touch lives that are like messages into the future. And if you’re one of the very lucky ones, a message just might return to you, postmarked in ways that’ll remind you of just how human you and the rest of are.
Coach B.


Bless you John, I miss you amigo!


Beautiful story. Thanks Coach.


That’s a wonderful story and it made my day. Thanks, John.


As a follow up to that… when I went home and rummaged through my collection, I mistakenly grab the wrong set of keys. When I returned home, I had locked myself out the house. My eyesight being an issue, I decided to sit on my front steps until my Mrs. came home. As I sat there, I couldn’t help but think to myself… " no good deed goes unpunished…" Figures.

The bullpen is sure lonely without you guys…

Take care.


[quote=“Coach_Baker, post:1, topic:19424”]
coaching can give you the opportunity to touch lives that are like messages into the future[/quote]
Great line … I’ll have to remember that … Hope to see you popping in here soon!