Passed it! :-d

Finally got that Senior Project monkey off of my back. My panel told me that the first time they probably would have passed most other students but these teachers all knew me and thought I could do more and do a better job and they were right, I was able to delve way deeper into my project and pass it.

Nice job brother… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am indebted to my father for alot of things and one of them was the conviction that it is far better to earn something than to have it given to you. Sounds like you agree.

Way to go!

Now, thank those teachers because it sounds like they did you a favor by pushing you a little.

It never fails to prove how “for granted” we tend to take things. Take what Roger just mentioned…

Every single year I use to hear from a player … "coach, when I make it, I mean really make it, I’m gonna come back and thank you big time … I’ll do this-or that, etc., etc.,…

I then ask, " do you remember your 4th or 5th grade teacher, you know, the one that started to introduce you to the important subjects for later grades and such? And, have you ever gone back to that 4th or 5th grade teach and thanked them … even once? Without fail, the answer to both questions has been … “no”.

Remembering those that really gave you a leg-up on life are worth remembering … teachers especially. Don’t miss this opportunity to thank a teacher(s) while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Oh, and while I’m at it, saying a simple “thank you” to folks that make a difference in your life … no matter how small", is a very human thing to do, and says a lot about your own humanity.

Coach B.

On to the next challenge old boy!
Welcome to the first taste of adulthood. Millions of projects…some will be graded with pay, some with friendship…others with love. Accept them, embrace them and start with the having of fun. 8)

Thanks for the comments guys, just a few more class projects and I’m done with High School.

(Oh and I also got an award for the top political science student.)

Then I’ll have baseball for the summer then it’ll be off to higher education.