Partial Ucl Tear

I recently found out hat I have a Partial ucl tear and the doctor said they there’s no need for surgery and I have a 70-80% chance of playing the spring of my senior year. Was very excited to hear the good news. He told me to rest and I decided to take fall ball off to rest my arm. But was wondering if doing resistant bands are bad for working out.

I suggest checking with your doctor. It seems to me that if rest is needed to allow a medical condition to heal, then you should rest. But after that, I would think strengthening the elbow to increase joint stability and help support a weakened UCL would be appropriate.

Again, check with your doctor. He/she may want to prescribe some physical therapy.

Is doing resistant bands find though or will t cause more stress on the ucl?

I would guess that band work would be ok as band exercises are usually done with relatively light resistance and they usually focus on the shoulder. But I’m not a doctor and I don’t know your exact condition so, again, check with your doctor.