can someone explain how to properly grip and throw a palmball?

I used to throw one.
The usual way to grip it is, as the name indicates, way back in the palm of the hand, with the thumb and little finger on the sides of the ball and the other three fingers on top of the ball. But don’t squeeze it so hard that when you throw that pitch it would squirt right out of your hand and fall to the ground a few feet in front of you—a firm grip is fine. And you throw it just like a fast ball, with the same arm motion and the same arm speed. This pitch makes an excellent changeup, especially when you loosen up on the grip some, and that was what I did with it a lot of the time—I used it for a changeup, and I threw it sidearm the way I did everything else I had in my repertoire.
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Didn’t you throw just about everything short of the gyro? lol

Its great to have your experience on the forums, Zita!


Thank you kindly, Hose. I guess that’s what comes of having a real live active major-league pitcher for a pitching coach, and of playing for quite a number of years with a team that played major league rules all the way. I’m glad to have this opportunity to share my knowledge with a lot of folks who can benefit from it. And by the way, I never threw a screwball or any variation of it (and that includes the so-called “gyroball”). I remember when Ed Lopat asked me about the screwball, and when I told him I didn’t throw one even though I knew how, he said "Good for you. You don’t need it."
Indeed I didn’t, not with all the snake jazz I could throw. And believe me, I had the greatest time making opposing hitters look very stupid with that stuff, and setting them up for my strikeout pitch—a very nasty slider…paradise. :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher: