Palm ball vs circle change up

I’ve thrown both these pitches and I like the palm ball better.
Everyone says that the circle change up is easier to learn which it is but it doesnt do much…it drops slightly.With a little extra effort my palm ball drops alot and is slower than my fastball so it can get hitters off balance while dropping ever so nicley

so i guess you all know my vote i would just like to see what you guys think and why you think one change up is better than the other.

im suprised someone actually voted for the palm bal , sweet!

damn you circle change up nazi’s

i’m going to say this, a circle change up is a feel pitch, you either have it or you dont, a palm ball works for anyone in my opinion, its harder to locate i think though, go with what you feel is comfortable

I’ve tried both. It’s terribly hard for me to locate a palm ball. Now, the circle change was a completely different story. I also think it’s not supposed to move a whole lot. That’s why you have a curveball, or slider, or whatever. A changeup is supposed to mimic your fastball as closely as possible to get the hitters way out front and off balance, and then just a drop to keep the barrel off the ball. Thats my goal every time I throw a changeup. Make them hit weak groundballs/pop ups, or swing and miss.

This can apply to any pitch grip, as a palmball is a changeup. It really depends upon which one feels best with each individual. Neither pitch has a true advantage over the other, because both of them are used to accomplish the same thing: get the hitter out in front and disrupt their timing

I discovered how to successfully get the circle-change low today. I altered my grip a bit, got my fingers over the ball (moved higher on the seams) and it was back to its usual form. Low and in is an unhittable pitch with this change.

The spin on a palm ball is quite readable. The spin on the circle change is similar to the fastball. The palm ball is more of a breaking pitch than a true change.

hah! i knew my palm ball was a breaker!