Painless clicking/crackling/popping?

Whenever I rotate my shoulder, I can hear clicking and crackling and popping noises, but there is no pain at all. Also, my arm dosent hurt, its just feels kind of tired and a little bit sore, but I havent been doing any throwing. I have only been doing the TheraBand and Light Dumbell exercises. And I have tried resting, like, basically not doing anything with my arm. Could someone help me with this, because I am completely clueless.

I have that same thing in my throwin arm too sometimes… it doesnt hurt at all it just sounds weird… this doctor i went 2 to look at myshoulder heard it and said its nothing its jus the joints so donworryabahit

is it when you throw? OR when you lift your arm into 90* angle you can here it

FOr me when I lift my arm up to 90* angle and to throwing position I here the same thing all it is is the shoulder joint rotating back 45* thats it nothing bad.

Never heard it while throwing a ball.

mine only does it when i rotate my shoulder 360 degrees

no its only when i move my shoulder around in certain ways

I have the same problem with my middle finger lol if i curle it up it cracks. Its probably just something to do with joints or something and may not be a injury from pitching.

but thats just my guess

I get the same thing when i do arm circles. I always wondered if that was bad

yeah guys i have that same thing… in both of my shoulders… it doesnt hurt at all but u can hear it and it can be loud sometimes… but its not like its a huge threat… but its not a good thing… it just means that there is air in ur socket … thats why they have u like stretch and do arm circles to try n get rid of it