Painful external rotation?

ok… when i throw… warming up im fine… but when i get into the motion and actually throw hard… when my forarm lays back… and then catches up agn it is painful and there is like a pop in the shoulder… this never happened before… but… when i keep throwing and find the right arm slot it stops… but there are times that it hurts and i just cant throw that day… it has nothing to do with rest because i spent 2 months without pitching due to a leg injury

any ideas?? (ill put up a video as soon as i can)

btw… this only happens when i throw the ball… never when im dry throwing or doin towel drills

the poppings sounds (dont mind the pun) like a tendon or ligament catching on a bone like a rubber band on your finger. This is bad. see a physiotherapist with experience with pitchers to specifically diagnose the problem. it could be one of a hundred things and asking over a forum will only lead to confusion.

ok yea i get u

I agree with Front Leg Freak. You could be suffering from what Marshall would call “reverse forearm bounce,” where your arm is late in getting to the high-cocked position and thus your UCL experiences unnecessarily higher force loads.

Without a video, it’s impossible to say.

sounds like you may have overdone it after the time off and strained something or developed tendonitis. you won’t know till you go to the doc but i’m almost certain you will be ordered to rest it again.