Pain When Throwing

I’m 24 and have never had a pitching related injury or missed time. But during my past 3 starts, I have noticed pain in my should area. I do not feel the pain to be pitching related, but could have come from lifting heavy objects (not weightlifting). I don’t experience pain doing daily activities, nor do I have pain the day after I pitch. It’s just every pitch I throw feels like it’s pitch #130 of the game.

Is this pain just a general soreness or is it something major like a tear or a strain. Would an ice and an anti inflammatory work, or should I consult a doctor?

Don’t wait. Make an appointment with a doctor—preferably a sports-medicine specialist, or better yet, an orthopedist—and get it checked out. 8)

It’s weird though. After so many pitches/innings during the course of a game, the pain seems to lessen and virtually go away. But when I go to throw again on my next start, the cycle will continue (pain early then nothing later).

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are you trying to give people advice? or are you just advertising for some MARTY JENSEN tool

go see a doctor and get an MRI ASAP!! … i had the same thing and i kept throwing on it cause the pain would go away as i loosened up … turns out my labrum is torn … so seriously see a doctor as soon as you can to prevent any further injury