Pain / Strengthening

hey guys… i threw yesterday … only about 40 or 50 pitches but my arm is real sore cuz i havent thrown in a few weeks. Should I throw today even though im in pain to try to strengthen it… or will that just damage it.

depends on what kinda pain it is…

well i have tendonitis in my pitching shoulder so its like whenever i move it it hurts but i just threw a little just light easy stuff

well, i hav tendonitus in my biceps thingy.

go get sum pills from docter(anti inflam) en rest…

btw, i heard that tendonitus in shoulder can be cured with sum injection in your shoulder, dont let it get that far, cuz that prolly hurts like shit.

REST and go to docter, and IF u play, ice after!

I’m pretty sure the injections are cortizone shots, like what Sheffield took last year.

RUNN!!! always run after you pitch … RUN RUN RUN … u have to… yeah other things come in effect when your body hurts but always RUN … running gets rid of the lactic acid that builds up in in arm which makes you sore. take a quick jog around the block or park for 15 to 20 min. you will feel good after. =)