Pain, pain, pain

One of the topics that gets the most posting, are those related to pain in the elbow, shoulder, bicep, and so on. So frequent are these posting that a visit to this web site, even casually, would spur someone to ask… “what’s going on here?”

Glancing through the topics section devoted to injuries, there seems to be a common thread across the board. And with that common thread comes a kinship - sort of, among parents, coaches, and players.

I would suggest that anyone who has concern for pain in this sport, visit this topic and read all the common introductions of those looking for answers. I would also suggest to take advantage of the PM section of this web site and shoot a personal message to anyone and everyone who has even the most remote experience that you’re having and ask… " here’s what I’d like to know about your experience in solving the issue that you have/had."

We’re a community of pitchers and those that support pitchers. This web site is the center of gravity for advice and sharing a common experience when it comes to fact-finding. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT.

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Read and implement the Dr. Marashall throwing tenets and you will play as long as you want and as much as you want with health, health, health.

Good post, Coach Baker. Had not seen it before, until Dirtberry posted a response and your post popped to the top of recent activity. I am not a medical doctor, of course, but do hold a doctorate and, more importantly, have years of experience coaching and dealing with youth arm injuries. Would be more than happy to help!

That’s very gracious of you. Thank you.

This is a qualification to all those that contribute to this web site, and that qualification has to do with limits and restrictions of this media and those that participate. In that regard, there are serious limitations here that should caution those seeking advice for subjects orbiting injuries, physical and similar experiences. We are not in the medical field - trained and schooled in the prognosis of medical issues and/or those related sciences. So, I would strongly urge you to participate where you can - but, qualify yourself with these restrictions when offering advice.

We have many visitors that are youngsters, parents, and similar populations who know nothing other than the immediate experience at hand. These people have no medical background, plus, asking for keyboard advice on a medical condition could lead to taking advice at “face value”, which can do more harm than good.