Pain in under rotator cuff


I got a pain just under the rotator cuff when i throw. with warming up i throw everything into the ground.

what is the problem?

well, i may be wrong… but i think thats quite a bit lower than ur rotator cuff

and it could be bad mechs or bad followthru

Why not go see a good sports doc in your area rather then ask a message board for an answer?

It baffles me how many people will ask for blind help on a message board, especially when you have no true way of knowing peoples backgrounds in the medical field.

If it hurts go see a specialist!

If it hurts just below your rotator cuff it could be your Latissimus Dorsi or Lats for short. If you happened to follow through funny when throwing it can put alot of stretch on it. Also its put under alot of stress when throwing a pitch because it has to stabalize the shoulder. If it where my guess that would be it. But go see a doctor if its really bad.