Pain in the outer elbow when throwing and hitting?

I don’t know if this is normal. It doesn’t make since why my elbow hurts when I’m hitting though. My pitching coach has said my mechanics have improved significantly and not I’m about ready to use weighted balls, but my elbow still hurts. I don’t think this is tommy john related because that would be the inner elbow. It doesn’t make since I don’t know what’s going on.

I’ll try to send a video of me batting and pitching today for more information and I will tell you guys if my elbow hurt during the activities.


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I don’t know much but it’s happened to me also. It is probably from overuse of your arm. Improve everything else and it’ll be easier on ur arm. Be careful when in bullpen, practice etc.

I would go to a doctor and have it checked out. I have a friend who had elbow pain from pitching and they took him to the doctor and found that his ucl was almost torn. If he hadn’t gone, he may have tore it and needed Tommy John.

I went to the doctor and said nothing was wrong with my elbow. They recommended I go to physical therapy so I can learn how to use my whole body when I throw.

That’s great news!