Pain in the inside part of my elbow

About two weeks ago I pitched five innings and ever since I have been having pain in the inside part of my elbow and at the bottom of my bicep. I’m pretty sure I was throwing my curveball wrong, I wasn’t following through with it. I don’t know what it is, but I’m guessing it could be a strained tendon or something of that nature. I have been icing it multiple times a day and when I have been playing at short I have been wearing an elbow support sleeve. Does anyone know what is wrong and what I can do to help it so I can pitch again? Thanks.

I went to the doctors yesterday and he said I have pitcher’s elbow. He told me to stop pitching for a while and go to a physical therapist.

Has anyone ever dealt with pitcher’s elbow? How long to recover? What excercises should I be doing? Anything else? Thanks.

I did it sucks. It was about I would say a 2 month no throwing for me period, and then about a month of building back into throwing, and then another 2 weeks before flat ground, two weeks after that off a mound. So bout a 4 month rest and recovery process.
Listen to the pt you see. More than likely it was an overuse problem. Mine was caused because I threw too much and my shoulder became weak from so much throwing. To compensate I naturally put more strain on my elbow and I injured myself. You will do lots of shoulder exercises.

Don’t get frustrated it sucks, and take it slow when you come back from throwing.

Turns out the pediatrican diognosed me with the wrong injury. I went to 8 weeks of PT for the wrong injury. I saw the orthopedic doctor because my elbow wasn’t getting any better and I have a sprained UCL (most likely). I went for an MRI today. So another 8-12 weeks of recovery. This absolutely blows. This is taking valuable training time away from me because of my pediatrican. I suggested I see a orthopedic doctor when I was there, but he was stubborn and had too big of an ego to let me have an MRI and see a orthopod. So now I’m screwed for a while. Has anyone had a sprained UCL?

I sprained (partially tore) my UCL twice before fully tearing it and undergoing tommy john surgery. Rehab CAN work, but if you don’t see a good baseball physical therapist and get a good rehab protocol, you’ll probably reinjure it. The only way to successfully maintain pain-free throwing after a partial tear is to be extremely diligent with your rehab (becomes prehab) for the rest of your career. And even then (as was my case) you can still tear it again. The problem is, the ligament will never be the same as it once was, and will need extra support by the forearm, upper arm and shoulder to stay asymptomatic. Strong muscles surrounding the UCL protect it from injury.

Having proper internal rotation ROM in your hips and in your shoulder is another necessity if you really want to keep your elbow healthy. You’ll add miles per hour as well if your hips and shoulder are indeed tight. I have articles on both of these topics on my website …