Pain in shoulder

Whenever I throw a ball, I get a burning sensation where my shoulder connects to the rest of my body. Basically its the front shoulder

Could I have torn my labrum, or could it be just a small case of tendonitis. I can still throw, their is just some pain. I’ve also pitched 4 times in the last week, so I think I might just need rest.

Pitching 4 times in the last week!!! Wow, yea I would go with that first, RICE it and then get a DR opinion if it persists. How old are you to throw that often?

I’m 14.

I pitched one day 80 pitches

3 days later 90 pitches

2 days later 25 pitches

Day after 20 pitches

Yea, I think I’ve just been over-worked and the tendon is a little overused.

There is your issues, too many pitches and not enough rest. Check out this article from the American Sports Medicine Institute, article is a little dated but definately worth reading to think about your future.

Totally agree. I’m not gonna let my coach do this to me anymore. I iced and I feel a little better. I’m gonna ice before I go to bed and see how I feel tomorrow.

My 14 yr old is in a similar position although he didn’t get overworked this year…he just pitched with tendonitis all year and it never really went away. The DR said it was tendonitis and he needed 6 weeks off, he is in the 6th week and going a bit nuts, but he really needed to rest it to get healthy.