Pain in forearm. please help!

im a 17yr old 230lb trying pitching for my High School senior year of baseball. im on summer vacation right now so im practicing pitching on my own. i always strectch out before i pitch so i dont pull anything. when i start to pitch my arm feels fine but after 10 pitches or so my forearm starts to hurt. (where the muscle meets the elbow.) i tried everytihing i could to fix the problem myself. changes my arm angel to 3quarters. made it worse. side arm. not better. overhead seems to not hurt the most but i still get the pain. i do have a tendency to fall of the mound to the first base side though. So basically what im asking is is it my mechanics or arm angle, or delivery. i really appericate if anyone can help.

Have you been to a doctor? If not, you should.

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

Do you show the ball to Center Field at the high cocked position? Do you try to always keep your fingers on top of the ball?

Which side of the elbow? It is probably medial epicondylitis. It could also be a UCL problem. You’ll probably need to rest your arm for several weeks to allow it to heal. Now is a good time of year to rest your arm.

Chris is right when he says to go see a doctor. Try to see a sports medicine doctor familiar with pitchers if you can.