Pain in finger

In the past couple weeks I have had a really bad pain in my Top knuckle of my index finger when I throw (joint closest to fingernail). Is there any way to rehab this because it keeps getting worse and worse especially when I throw pressure pitches like the 2SFB.

Better have a doctor take a look at it. If this is something that is really interfering with your pitching, it needs to be addressed. 8)

It’s not something you can really rehab. You should ice and take anti-inflammatorys but if it still hurts you should see a doc

Well I had a lot of pain in my finger and well my dad is a doctor he’s a heart doctor but still he’s a doctor I had the same pain my dad looked at it and said it was a deep skin blister from letting a 4 seam fastball go DO NOT POP it. It will keep u from pitching it hurts!! Soak it in warm water for about ten minutes that should help if it is a blister.