Pain in elbow

Hi. i am 14 years old and pitch alot. i threw alot of curveballs when i was younger. now whenever i straighten my arm it cracks then the cracking is followed by pain. i know most of you are just gonna tell me to get it check out, and i will, but im wondering if anyone else has the same problem. p.s. it only hurts some days and not others. it has been like this for about 4 months.

I threw alot of curveballs when i was younger and I got a really pain from around 13 1/2-15 when ever I tryed to pitch or throw hard but it never craked or anything like that. If it is craking its probably something more seruis cause I am guessing that is something with the bone.

I dont know for sure but that would be my guess.

my elbow cracks too but doest really hurt. my doctor kept telling me it was nothing serious its just the growth plate and something with bubbles. i got it xrayed and all that and nothing was cracked. still i would get it checked. just ice in the meen time and take it easy