Pain in elbow

I’ve been having almost unbearable pain on the inside of my elbow for the last 2 days… I think it might be tendonitis, but I’m not sure. Anybody have any advice or had similar pain? I also noticed after throwing 4 innings yesterday that today my arm is very sore where the bicep connects to the elbow. Any advice or tips would be great.

This is impossible to answer without knowing your age. Why are you still throwing if the pain is that bad? Start with ice and rest if you are presently doing nothing. If pain is still bad with a week of rest, which it sounds like it will be see a doctor that knows elbows.

Remember, Pain is the bodys response to tissue damage. It’s a warning that if we don’t stop doing this, bad things will happen. Sore muscles are one thing but to throw through real PAIN is very unwise.

You need to go see a doctor.

I thougth this was the reason to all my pain in my elbow but every time i pitch i noticed i can go longer and longer so maybe it was just my arm getting in shape.

are you draging ur elbow through the pitch, i am pretty sure that causes elbow pain, but i am not an expert

What u mean by dragging the elbow?