Pain in elbow after pitching

OK, so just about every game after pitching this season, i’ve noticed that my elbow has a sharp pain when i bend my arm back, i ice it down, and it usually doesn’t hurt the next day, but i think that it might be a mechanics thing, so im hoping i can fix it, make my arm not hurt, and also maybe use my body better, so i can increase my velocity and durability maybe, i throw a 4 seam, 2 seam, curveball and changeup, but i rely on my 2 seam and curveball most of the time. Oh yeah and i am like the only relief pitcher for my team, so i pitch just about every game for about 1-3 innings. Today i only pitched 0.1 innings, threw nothing but 2 seam fastballs, to close the game because the starter was pitching real well, but got in trouble with 2 outs in the 7th because our team made some errors. But my elbow still feels that pain, so idk what causes it. Ive never had surgery or really any arm problems that took me out for more than one or two games, so yeah.

First step is to treat your condition as a medical condition that needs to be treated and healed. See a doctor.

Once healed, the next step is to have your mechanics assessed to make sure you don’t have a flaw that will caused the pain to return.

Finally, you should consider the possibility that closing all of your team’s games could simply be too much throwing. You didn’t tell us your age, how many pitches you throw per game, how many games you play, how much rest you get between games, etc.

this used to be a problem for me too, then i realized i land with my foot open, once i fixed it and started landing foot closed i very very rarely get pain in my elbow.
you may have the same problem