Pain from elbow up

My son is having a pretty bad pain from the bend of his elbow up if he tries to throw and some if touched. It is in the bend of his elbow up to his shoulder under the muscle. At the top of the bicep on the outside of his arm, it feels like ligament or tendon there, it hurts pretty bad if you put pressure on it. He has not thrown a lot and just pitched 2 innings last season but has been working pretty hard the last few weeks. He is 15, 5’ 9" and weighs 150 and best I can tell with a stopwatch throwing high 60’s to low 70’s. Going to the Dr. tonight to get a note telling his coach he can NOT throw. I would appreciate any info because I am sure all I am gonna get from doc is ice and rest. Please hep a fella out guys.

Well you need to ask that Dr. what the cause of the pain might be, I might imagine that it’s some bad tendonitis, Dr. is going to say ice, rest and 6 weeks of no throwing at least. Should have shut him down the first sign of pain and then see the Dr.

Couldn’t see a doc tonight. I told him no throwing and his coach told him he was a sissy if he couldn’t throw and had him throw live arm to the team. I took him to another coach for advice and we figured out his bicep was one big knot. I massaged it and got a lot of tension out of it but still gonna shut the throwing down. May try a little light throwing in about a week to see what happens. Going to talk with coaches tomorrow and explain no throwing to them.

So I am assuming this is a HS team and he is a freshman am I right? You know that you aren’t really going to shut him down since after saying he has had pretty bad pain to the touch he still pitched yesterday and you allowed that to happen without seeing a Dr. even a visit to a walk in clinic will be able to give you a preliminary diagnosis.

So if you are going to allow him to keep pitching the question is completely different question, “what can I do to keep my son pitching with as little pain as possible”. Well it goes like this: after he pitches he should run, getting the heart rate up to start healing immediately. Next: ice if there is any discomfort to all areas invloved, shoulder, arm, elbow etc. 20 on, 20 off, 20 on, 20 off, 20 on, 2-4 sets. Next is rest, if he threw more than 50 pitches on a day then the next day he really shouldn’t be on the bump again the next day. He could benefit with a visit to the Chiropractor if you don’t or are unable to get him to the Dr. they might be able to get him in today or right away. If you feel he needs to shut it down then a week isn’t going to get him by, the minimum is 4 - 6 weeks…good luck!

buwhite he is a sophomore. His arm started bothering pretty bad one day and the next him and some buddies wanted to take some grounders. I hit them some but told him no throwing, let the other boys throw it in. He tossed a couple to them to throw in, maybe 20-25 foot tosses and after a couple his arm started shaking so I took him home. Coaches understood he is not to throw and will not goad him into throwing again. Practice is just starting and I think the coach just wanted to see if he had any consistency. He is gonna keep pitching (I hope) but not for the next several days. Season hasn’t started yet and he needs the rest. The advice for keeping pain down I will remember but I hope for him to get over it and not hurt himself this bad again. Another question would be how to tell if someone is able to throw again yet???

Well, if your gonna shut him down a week doesn’t do it, 4 weeks does it better and 6 even better. Every time he throws he has a chance to reagrivating the arm, I would have him seen by a Dr. or sports medicine expert, get as much rest as possible, use ibuproffen to keep swelling down, ice and run before and after throwing.