Pain behind shoulder day after pitching

Okay so, I want to start off by saying that last year like July, I hurt my elbow throwing a slider resulting in a ucl sprain, I took like a month and a half rest, tried throwing with a little pain then shut myself down for 4 or so months. I started doing long toss in Feb…went on vacation for over a month, lost weight while I was there, so I focused on gaining it back and I started pitching in May. (I lost my habit of pitching after not pitching for so long and I’m back into the habit now)

Anyways, I’ve been pitching with like 2-3 days rest every time mainly because of my shoulder. I don’t remember me having shoulder soreness a day after pitching unless it’s back to back days. I used to relief and last year I used to be able to pitch 2 sometimes 3 days in a row. Now I can’t. My mechanics are different now though.

I actually warm up longer than I used to and I barely did long toss in the past. Is it possible that I just need to get used to pitching? Or is it most likely a mechanical problem? I don’t have any video and the soreness goes away after 2 days of complete rest most of the time. My elbow usually isn’t that sore and feels like I could pitch the next day but my shoulder holds me back.

EDIT: My shoulder feels fine the day I pitch but the next day when I wake up and stretch, for example, I feel the soreness.

Your new mechanics are probably causing a new release point. The arm muscle used to slow down this violent arm is now different then before and not strong. You need to pitch-bullpen more and get that decelerator muscle strong.

I would recommend being more aggressive with the soreness. The back side and the posterior capsule can be isolated. Try getting some 2lb balls and going through throws while holding and not letting go. See if this relieves some of the stiffness.

Obviously, I am generalizing the issue. By no means am I a doctor, but what I notice is that shoulder soreness/stiffness is common after an elbow sprain. Body overloading at different joints to take on new work load is pretty common and one reason why it is so important that TJ guys really focus on strengthening the shoulder joint.

See how it goes and I have a few more exercises that may help.

I think it was because I took a lot of time off to heal my arm then getting back into the habit. Now my arm feels 100% after 2 full day of rest. The previous time was 3. I’ve never had an arm/shoulder injury before my ucl strain so I guess this shoulder soreness thing is new to me. I usually only take a 3 or so month break from pitching as my off season.