Pain above the elbow

My son threw about 30 pitches in a game yesterday and then went to the OF to play the final inning. After a ball was hit deep in the OF that he threw back in he said he felt pain about an inch or two up from his elbow.

We iced it after the game and today when he warmed up for his game this morning it felt ok but when he tried to throw in from OF he said he could feel it again so we moved him to DH and did not have him throw at all.

Should I be concerned or does this just sound like an ice it down and try it again in a few days type of thing?

He has never had any arm pain before.

When i was in my early teens i would often get soreness above the elbow after i threw i just assumed it was natural soreness. BUT it wasnt what i had found out from a parent and a pitching coach is that im not using enough of my legs and basically throwing with just my arm which can lead to soreness in the elbow in the past year or two i tweaked my mechanics to use more legs and help my elbow out the soreness in the elbow virtually disapeared but not in the shoulder because thats near impossible to eliminate. Its what happened with me when i was younger and could be a reason for him try to get him to use more of his lower half and see if that helps not only should it help soreness but velocity and control.

Best of luck