Does anyone know about the workout program P90X? I was filpping through the channels and it was on comcast and it looks like a good workout. I dont know much about it…does it work? do u gain mass? Does anyone know about it?

Well I got myself a copy and there is no doubt it does work. However it is not for the casual twice maybe three times a week exerciser. They have a disclaimer that you should finish slim in 6 and beach body before doing this work out.

Like anything in life you get out what you put in. If you follow this routine as it is designed you will gain massive amounts of stength and stamina.

jdrocks, i had a few more questions for you:

I am 14 and slim and a hardgainer, is this a good workout for me? I have been working out for about 4 or 5 months. Will this make me lose more weight or will this make me gain mass ( i really want to gain mass )?

I play football, basketball, and baseball. is this a good workout for these sports?

which is better; the dumbbells or resistance bands for gaining as much mass as possible?

[quote=“andrewlandolfi”]jdrocks, i had a few more questions for you:

which is better; the dumbbells or resistance bands for gaining as much mass as possible?[/quote]
you shouldn’t really try to bulk your arms to gain velocity. more bulk means less flexibility. the only think you should try to gain mass on is your legs

i am 5’6 and weigh barely 120, i need to gain more muscule and mass

no u dont. unless you see football as your better sport. bulking your arms in baseball is not normally a good thing. use light resistance to build arm strength. im 14, 6ft and weigh 155. i can hit low 70s consistenly with good control

Do it. Make sure you stretch everyday. You wont get big enough to have it affect your pitching. I have a 45" chest and bench press 235 and I have no problems with flexibility or any problems with my pitching. What would you gain, maybe 10-15 lbs? 5’6" and 135 isnt bad. If you feel like you’re losing flexibility, stop. I doubt that will happen though.

My son is 14 and I would not let him do this workout.

It is very intense. I would advise you to strengthen your core and focus on good mechanics. With some luck maybe your the guy who grows late and blows by everybody.

i am going to high school for football as a defensive back, so i am trying to gain mass in my arms, but not too much

gaining some mass in your arms is a good thing. you need muscle around tendons and ligaments in the arm to protect them. you dont wana be roidmonster arm guy but you do wana gain muscle in your arms. if your a pitcher the more you work the arms the more you need to stretch. my velocity goes up when i consistantly work my arms because they can take more punishment but i also have to stretch more because of the extra weight