Have any of you gone through p90x? I’m just about to start it. It seems to me like it would be good for pitching. Lots of core, plyometrics, cardio, and yoga work. Any input is appreciated

I prefer a more rigorous and better-designed training program like Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength.

What makes you say p90x is not rigorous and well-designed?

He didnt, he said more. P90x isnt “strength training” as we define it.

Matt Diaz of the Braves did it.

My brother and sister in law are OBSESSED with p90x. From what I’ve seen, it’s not bad, but certainly not “complete” enough to be beneficial for pitchers without adding a lot of additional shoulder, scap and core work. I also think there’s a little too much emphasis on pull ups. So just be careful there.

Pitchers should be OBSESSED with TuffCuff.

Lol. Yeah, TUFFCUFF for sure. But my bro and sister in law are only after beach abs, not 90 mph fastballs :slight_smile: And it’s something they do together, too. So everyone’s got different needs, you know?!

Yes, i plan on doing it in addition to my shoulder and core and other pitcher specific workouts.


As Steven pointed out, just p90x alone would be nothing more than working the beach muscles. Tuff Cuff is a good program because it use’s agility, running, medicine ball, plyo’s, weight lifting, and it also talks about stretching and nutrition. If you have the money get both and use some of Tuff Cuff.

Really try to add medicine ball training to what ever you do.

Well P90X must have some benefit for baseball, because Matt Diaz got in shape with it.

Sure. As they say, “Anything works. For awhile.”