P90X and velocity increase?

Is there really any good reason why P90X WOULDN’T help with velocity gain? If you break the overall workout down session by session, it honestly seems like p90x would be completely beneficial to a pitcher. Possibly more beneficial than lifting big weights.

I bring this up because I am making a huge push for my high school senior season of baseball. I really want to win that championship, and will do whatever it takes to be the best player in my area. I was considering starting my overall workout august 1 with p90x to drastically get my body in shape right away and then move into some heavier lifting. Obviously, I will be doing plenty of throwing on top of this.

Can you guys leave your thoughts on this plan? Feedback is much appreciated.

do pitchers need to be strong, explosive, flexible and mobile? or do they need to be ripped?

Isn’t it all relative…

Isn’t it all relative…[/quote]

please explain

Clearly they dont need to be ripped (ie c.c. Sabathia, bartolo colon). But why wouldn’t p90x make you flexible strong and quick?



P90X is not a balanced program suited or baseball. There’s components to the program that have some merit in a baseball specific program, but as a whole it’s very dangerous.

Just google “P90X tendon injuries.” That should be enough to convince you.

okay i am not familiar with P90x, but i think isn’t it sort of similar to the 300 workout, where you basically just do body weight exercises for a certain amount of sets, and do circuit work or something like that.

Anyways, You need to lift weights, simple as that.

Also P90x is stupid as hell, its just a workout guide, if i did P90x and ate 6,000 calories a day, i would be fat as hell

Your nutrition is 100 percent the reason why people on P90x look the way they do, its not from doing 30 crunches each workout.

Its 100 percent nutrition.

Maybe 90% nutrition. :wink:

But yeah, he is right of course.