Ozzie : No Sleep for the last three days

When you see a person this uncomfortable with himself…you know there is a wealth of information that is about to spill out of his mouth. Notice the facial expressions. A guy like Ozzie is incapable of disguising his true beliefs and feelings.

Does Ozzie really admire Fidel Castro?
Why is he sorry for what happened?
Does he feel responsible for all this turmoil?

Something I was taught as a very young man. “You can never regret something you don’t say.”

Can he still manage the Miami Marlins if you are the owner?

Thanks for posting this Dino I hadn’t heard what happened, going to be very interesting to see how this one plays out…

I think it’s a frickin load of pc clap trap.

Miami folks…some with agendas are outraged…the vast majority of “man on the street” stuff has most folks saying give him a second chance…I say ah…what ever :stuck_out_tongue: …do I care that the Venezeualan manager of a mlb team respects a guy who survives for 50 years in an adverse environment…oh yah my day is spent in contemplation as to how they worry about Merkles situation in Germany too and daggone it…I think they are being just a little too nice to Putin over there in Oakland :x
I think they need to poke Zambrano with a stick so he goes off too…hot diggity we’ll have some real fireworks down there :rofl2:

Really sad what a microphone can do to someone ain’t it…

Well said JD

I don’t know if it’s just me or what but is Florida the capital of controversial crapola lately? I thought California had the corner on that market?

The opening day player intros at the new Marlin stadium was crapola too. That whole stadium looks like Disney designed it. Lime green outfield walls? Really?

Flamingo homerun sculture… :?

Escorts…eh gad!

Well I hope the taxpayers are happy.

To think…I gotta visit this place if I’m going to see a game in all the MLB stadiums. :evil:

I’ll be down there soon…hangin with some good folks…my prayer for the day is that Carlos and Ozzie have a particularly interesting day that day…I will have my friendly iphone with me…and film will follow… 8)

And the Carrib look is all Mi-jahmmies…Haitian/Miamin and just a bit of Voodoo…welcome to SFL…I call it South New York :wink:

And you betcha (Thanks Ms Palin for a wonderful cliche’) we got loads of idiots…maybe more than most…we get the entire boatload of losers and cast-offs every winter…we call em “snowbirds”…you call em derilics that migrate. Every jerk that got run off from New York, New Jersey and anyplace that gets really cold…so please don’t be shocked…we just got your’s and every other state east of the Mississippi’s worst citizens…

Hey, don’t forget about us crazy zonies! :crazy: We’re always shooting guns and racially profiling people. Even the prez called us “misguided”.

We get our share of snowbirds, too.


It’s really a sad day when the most important thing in baseball is about politics. Heck its an American game…people believe what they believe and shouldn’t be hounded by the media about their political thoughts. Now lets just play some baseball.

You know Ozzie isn’t “PC” and all that but he is a baseball guy and real baseball fans respect him for that…loving baseball.

I agree…problem is in Myjammies too many remember family members, friends…etc. who Fidel killed…the posts I’ve read equate it to walking into Jeruselem and singing Hitlers praises…bad form old boy…5 lashes with the “You’re suspended noodle”… in Chicago…they wouldn’t have grunted loudly or done anything more than order another beer…and of course called him a putz

Well said bu and JD

So …we know that Ozzie doesn’t like “fags” gays, thinks Americans are lazy and only immigrants are capable of hard work, idolizes Venezuelan and Cuban dictators, drinks himself into a stupor after every game, refused a visit to the White House with his World Series winning team and instead visited Hugo Chavez, and thinks Latin ballplayers are getting the shaft while Asians are treated like royalty. As an Irish German , I always wondered what punishment a Jewish owner would hand down to a Venezuelan manager who expressed admiration aloud for the most hated person of the Jewish owner’s Cuban fan base. Apparently, that’s worth five days in your bedroom. Is he allowed to take his Venezuelan flag? I hope he likes being on the computer and sending emails.

And Roger…regarding racial profiling, this story. Pennsylvania is geographically a strategic state for drug interdiction with New York City being the source of much drug trafficking. There is no way to get drugs south or west of New York City without going through Pennsylvania, Interstate 80 runs the entire length of the state and it ran right past a certain Trooper who made it his life’s mission to catch every drug runner who past through his zone on I 80. Unfortunately a great majority of drug couriers were of a certain race, and they were filling our county jail up quite regularly.

Curiously, the Trooper was taken to task for racial profiling because he had a high percentage of a certain race among his arrest statistics. He was removed from that work and assigned something else mundane.

My golf league partner, also retired, has the state record for heroine interdiction in one incident. A young man of a certain race had rolled his SUV over into the no mans land between the eastbound and westbound lanes. He was headed to New York City. My partner picked him up at the accident scene and was transporting him to the nearest hotel so that he could get a room and wait for someone to pick him up. He turned to the Trooper and said, “I suppose I’m under arrest.” The Trooper said, “For what?” The courier answered hesitantly “For all that heroine in the back of the car!”

Another obvious case of racial profiling…

BTW: I kind of like snowbirds…