Owow baseball -teaching pitching grips to youth baseball

Hi everyone, :smiley:
I wanted to give everyone a heads up to our line of baseball products for youth baseball. We are at http://www.owowllc.com. We have worked in the past with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum at the Henry Ford Museum for the Baseball as America exhibit.

The products were designed to teach little leaguers how to throw a two finger fastball and curveball. The hardest part was getting the grips down everytime we went out to the field. The products come with a collectors card which shows kids how to hold the ball for different pitches and how throw it. The math and physics behind each pitch is illustrated on the cards. New products will be out this summer.

Best of all the Owow kits create a 3D replica of a childs hand holding the ball in the desired pitching grip. They make great training aids,trophies and collectibles for all.

We look forward to being a part of the success of the Grosse Pointe Farms and Royal Oak Little League teams this summer.

Thank you.