Owi a Bliser!

I have a ton of blisters. I have a blister on my planting foot (big toe), throwing-hand index finger, glove-hand middle finger, and glove-hand palm. What can I do to prevent these? Also, how can I build resistance?

I bielive theres a article on this website on how to prevent them one thing i do is put hand cream on after throwing.

Rob Purvis, a supplemental first rounder in 1999 who was on my college team, used to put super glue on his pitching blisters. Didn’t work. He actually missed a month because of a nasty blister on his throwing finger.

Honestly, of all the things, not throwing is probably the best way to get rid of it. Or taping it up in practices … and dealing with the pain come game time, when the tape’s gotta come off to pitch.


a had a bad one on my middle finger before a playoff game so i popped it and then applied this product called New-Skin. i put a good 3 or 4 layers and it helped but didnt completely take away the pain from pitching but i ended up fine , that could have had a lot to do with adrenaline tho